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Harry Potter and High School DxD/ハイスクールD×D Crossovers
94 Comhnoir » by darksider82 Harry finds out something interesting about his paternal family. Funny thing, as do the major three factions. Harry/Akeno
T, English, chapters: 15, words: 50k+, favs: 695, follows: 859, updated: 7/22 published: 8/8/2019, Harry P., H. Akeno
42 A Keeper of a Key, Learning of a Larger World » by Lord Vidar Odinsen Harry Potter, along with a few friends have Left England to go to Japan, and attend a school where 2 Devil Heiresses rule, and unknown to them Angels also have a presence. Follow Harry as he learns more of these other Factions, his role, and what is to occur in time. Rated T for now
T, English, chapters: 15, words: 36k+, favs: 123, follows: 171, updated: 7/15 published: 5/15, Harry P., Rias G., Gabriel
10 Downfall of the Wizard » by James T. Warren He thought that he knew... He is the son of James and Lily Potter. He is a wizard. He is Harry Potter and nothing should be able to change any of that. That is until he met someone that turned his world upside down. Turns out there is so much out there that he doesn't know. Not yet. I do not own cover picture. Warning: Characters may be OoC.
T, English, Fantasy, chapters: 2, words: 5k+, favs: 74, follows: 109, 7/15, Harry P., Azazel, Penemue
44 A Keeper of a Key, The Binding of 666 and the Magi » by Lord Vidar Odinsen The binding of Trihexa required a set of Keys to be made and hosted in the body of humans, Milenia after the initial bindings, the strangeness of the Keys are first Explored. Join as The background of a world where Harry Potter and Dxd are mixed can exist.
T, English, chapters: 13, words: 32k+, favs: 151, follows: 181, updated: 5/15 published: 4/9, Shemhazai, Raphael
110 Heir of Eden » by Lord Vidar Odinsen Adam was created by God, the four Satans, and various other gods as a means of treaty between the groups. When he fell it was agreed that his 77th generational descendent with a Sacred Gear would be the heir of Eden and by right be able to lead all groups. When Harry receives a letter from Kuoh Academy he cannot foresee how much his life will change. Rated T for now. Being Scraped
T, English, chapters: 9, words: 26k+, favs: 409, follows: 507, updated: 5/7 published: 10/23/2018, Harry P., Su L., Rias G., Sona S.
36 The Power He Knows Not » by Fee-fi-fo-fum What if the power the Dark Lord knows not is not love, but a Sacred Gear that awakens the night his parents die? With the soul of an ancient and powerful sorcerer sealed inside him and a family legacy he can barely understand, let alone try to live up to, how will Harry tackle the Wizarding World? And even if he does, there's a whole wide Supernatural world waiting for him...
T, English, Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 11k+, favs: 363, follows: 502, updated: 9/17/2019 published: 9/10/2019
45 Return of the Dragons » by Rock Drake the Destroyer Having been entered into the TriWizard Tournament and abandoned by his friends, Harry is about to find new family, with strange connections and large companions. The Ancient Dragons have returned, and nothing will be the same again. Warning there are OCs.
T, English, Adventure, chapters: 7, words: 29k+, favs: 360, follows: 412, updated: 8/8/2019 published: 12/2/2018, [Harry P., Raynare] Rias G., Kuroka
41 The Devil Who Lived » by LordOfTheProcrastinators One year after the battle at Hogwarts a very different Harry Potter finds himself in Japan on a mission to hunt down the last of the Dark Lords followers. Old enemies become allies, throw some Angels and Demons in the mix and Harry's world just got a whole lot bigger.
T, English, chapters: 5, words: 13k+, favs: 246, follows: 354, updated: 6/17/2019 published: 3/27/2019, Harry P., Rias G., Serafall L., Sairaorg B.
23 Devil in Disguise » by KiNGSPaM1 Harry is raised to be Rias' knight if he is needed, but she doesn't know. Going to Hogwarts with knowledge, Lordship and finding the Hallows. Not the best at summaries
T, English, Supernatural, chapters: 3, words: 7k+, favs: 251, follows: 330, updated: 2/3/2019 published: 5/28/2018, Harry P., Rias G., H. Akeno, Daphne G.
35 Big In Japan » by Nomad-117 Harry Potter had grown accustomed to the neglect and abuse of his relatives, but abandoning him in a foreign country was certainly a new experience. Although he is no longer alone now.
T, English, Family, chapters: 2, words: 8k+, favs: 339, follows: 421, updated: 12/28/2018 published: 7/28/2017, Harry P., H. Akeno
5 Ron's Other Wife by Worldbringer of Joseun When Sona Sitri made it a condition that she would refuse to marry anyone less intelligent than her, which she defined as losing to her in a game of chess, she later learned that just because someone can beat her at chess, doesn't mean that they are smarter than her. Case in point, her husband Ronald Weasley.
K+, English, Family, words: 4k+, favs: 100, follows: 56, 10/21/2018, Ron W., Hermione G., Sona S.
24 Son of a Seraph » by Dragons123d Harry watched his godfather fall through the veil before he turns his anger on his murderer, Bellatrix. In doing so, he brings himself into a world of Angels, Devils and Dragons...after he dies and comes back with his mother, Sariel. (AU Dragon's Rage spin-off story)
T, English, Family & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, favs: 361, follows: 438, updated: 9/25/2018 published: 11/10/2017, [Harry P., Bellatrix L.] Xenovia, Sariel
3 Défit – l'ange de la mort arrive à Kuoh académie by Voldfield Un petit défit que je lance - Que se passerait 'il si Harry Potter Aka l'ange de la mort (seul ange de l'Aspect de la mort) se voit confier un poste d'enseignant à Kuoh académie, juste avant que Rias transforme Issei en diable.
K, French, words: 206, follows: 2, 4/5/2018
12 The Gray Side » by junejuly305 Harry died too young and Fate didn't want him on this path. Issei found out about his staged death and left to Fate to forge a new path... while still being a pervert. Fate sends Issei and Harry back to when Harry's parents were alive to make a better future. Previously named Pervert in Harry's life
T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 8, words: 7k+, favs: 122, follows: 146, updated: 8/11/2017 published: 2/11/2017, Harry P., N. Tonks, H. Issei
4 Hermione Granger and the Lord of Darkness » by The Real KuschelImperator A dark figure saves Issei from Raiser and disappeared. After a while he comes back and carries a young woman. This woman is Hermione Granger. My first fanfiction so please be gentle. I don t know how often I will be able to upload but I will try my best. Pairing: Bajulus x Hermione
T, English, Romance & Supernatural, chapters: 4, words: 4k+, favs: 12, follows: 10, updated: 7/13/2017 published: 7/19/2016, Hermione G.
17 Sirzechs Potter by Shidou Haruka The leaders of the Biblical Faction sacrificed themselves to destroy Trihexa. Now reborn as humans in a new world, the four of them must face another darkness. Can they prevail? Of course they can. Solving the world's problem is part of their usual job description after all. That doesn't mean they can't have some fun along the way.
T, English, Family & Adventure, words: 1k+, favs: 159, follows: 197, 6/30/2017, Harry P., Sirzechs L., Michael, Serafall L.
8 Legion DxD: Heir of Legion » by Dragons123d His family history was unknown to Harry until the attack from the dementors. His true family is the Inner Circle House of Legion, now his life just got more complicated.
T, English, Supernatural & Fantasy, chapters: 3, words: 6k+, favs: 161, follows: 163, updated: 4/29/2017 published: 4/24/2017, [Harry P., OC] Luna L., Raynare
7 Son of Lucifer and The Darkness by Dragons123d Hadrian Francis Lucifer finds himself in a universe that has no hero, just evil through and through. He may be the son of the Father of all Lies but he has morals. Rated T for referenced completely dark themes.
T, English, Horror & Supernatural, words: 2k+, favs: 80, follows: 84, 4/2/2017, Harry P., Rias G., H. Akeno, Kuroka
7 Chromatic DxD by Dragons123d Reincarnated, lost and forgotten. Requiem is here and with him, the rise of the Chromatic Dragons. Heed those that face him, they will never see the next day again.(after the events of the Holy Swords)
T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, words: 2k+, favs: 73, follows: 85, 2/8/2017, Harry P., Hermione G., Bellatrix L., Luna L.
8 Harry Potter Highschool DxD Challenge » by joe63129 A HP/Highschool DxD Challenge
T, English, chapters: 2, words: 128, favs: 4, follows: 3, updated: 2/2/2017 published: 2/11/2016
12 Here Be Dragons-Dragons of the Forgotten Order » by Dragons123d (AU and barely follows the original Highschool DxD storyline.) The dark shape of the Knight draws near, killed by one he saw as a friend, reborn as the heir to the lost line, rising above the void that consumed the wielders, all wittness the Draconic Knight, Harry Potter.
T, English, Supernatural, chapters: 3, words: 6k+, favs: 191, follows: 224, updated: 11/30/2016 published: 11/22/2016, Harry P., Rias G., Raynare, Ddraig
73 Devil King » by icewaker22 Harry made his way to Gringotts after blowing up aunt Marge to get some money only to learn that he had a lot more than he thought. When he does an inheritances test he learns that when he died in the Chamber of Secrets and then brought back it awoke a long forgotten power within. Now he hast to deal with not only the backlash of the wizarding world but also has to avoid being kill
T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 13k+, favs: 376, follows: 402, updated: 10/26/2016 published: 9/8/2016, [Harry P., Vali L.] Dennis C.
174 Wizard DXD Volume 1: A New Life » by bivz643 After the War, Harry leaves Britain for Kuoh to start a new life. While he may want to stay from the holy war that is currently in a fragile standstill, how long will it take for him to stay away from it all. Especially when his title of Master of Death makes him a lord in the underworld novelty. Also what about Potters and their Redheads? Volume 1 of Wizard DXD series
T, English, Romance, chapters: 13, words: 29k+, favs: 987, follows: 1k+, updated: 7/16/2016 published: 6/18/2016
101 The Black Dragon Of Hellfire » by Hellfire17 6 year old Harry Potter was always strange, but when he met young Asia Argento he was thrown into a world of devils,angels and gods. Now he knows only one thing. To all who try to take what's his, he shall burn your soul to its very depth with Ebony Hellfire. NOT OP harry or super. He will get destroyed by some some opponents.
T, English, Supernatural & Adventure, chapters: 12, words: 47k+, favs: 661, follows: 732, updated: 7/5/2016 published: 2/17/2016, [Harry P., A. Asia] [S. Irina, H. Issei]
505 Devil of the Forgotten » by sakurademonalchemist Gina Potter. Savior. Girl-Who-Lived. Devil Heiress? Gina isn't a witch, but the missing twin of Rias Gremory, the next head of the Gremory clan. After an incident shortly after New Years, Gina's past and future collide as she comes face to face with her real family. However the magicals won't leave her alone, and Albus still believes his 'Pawn' can be used to end the war.
T, English, Supernatural & Family, chapters: 11, words: 28k+, favs: 1k+, follows: 1k+, updated: 4/18/2016 published: 3/8/2016, Harry P., Rias G.
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