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Star Wars and Barbie Crossovers
1 507:Donna and the Spy Squad by mary.okeeffe.16 Stacy and her best friend, "Renee"'s amazing gymnastics skills catch the eye of a top-secret spy agency. Now with help from Donna, Emma and Animal, their after agem-stealing cat burglar With their high-tech gadgets, glam disguises and cute robo-pets, can they prove that smarts and teamwork can get the mission accomplished. This is based on Barbie: Spy Squad
K+, English, Mystery & Adventure, words: 449, 9/17/2018, OC
442:Donna's Starlight Adventure by mary.okeeffe.16 Based on Barbie's Starlight Adventure, The New Celestian Alliance were invited to the Athenian Millennium Party. After Rocket ruined the Athenian Waltz, Queen Athenia assigned them to save the stars form being extinguished.
K+, English, Sci-Fi & Adventure, words: 802, favs: 1, 8/15/2018
1 417:The Donna Adventures of The Barbie Diaries by mary.okeeffe.16 Donna, Christopher and The Wilde Ones meet Barbie and her childhood friends from Willows at the roller rink, where they learn about her sophomore year there.
K+, English, Mystery & Family, words: 361, 4/4/2018, Barbie, OC
418:The Donna Adventures of a Fashion Fairytale by mary.okeeffe.16 Donna and Emma get involved in a fashion expo with Berry high's fashion club, who unfortunately haven't won in 10 years due to the members being weirdoes. Luckily, a familiar face and a few fairies will help them. The characters that Donna will help are from the Episodes story, "Haute as Haute". This is also the Halloween special.
K+, English, Adventure & Friendship, words: 823, 3/4/2018
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