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983Digimon 2:5 Adventure 03 » by CherrygirlUK19 Dawn Kamiya, the daughter of Tai and Sora, has always dreamed about going to the Digital World. That wish just might come true for her and her friends as 25 years of peace is about to be disturbed...
K+, English, Adventure, chapters: 59, words: 478k+, favs: 399, follows: 291, updated: 6m published: 9/14/2007, Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T., Agumon
4Digimon Tamers: Cyber Battles » by Tenebrae Vesper Even though their dreams of being Tamers became reality, Takuto, Gallantmon, Setsuna and Beelzemon are still trying to understand the bonds and rivalry they share. As they explore the digital realm, the Real World, Digital World and Cyberspace are becoming a playground for dangerous Hackers, Digimon and viruses, drawing them into the adventure of their life.
T, English, Adventure & Mystery, chapters: 9, words: 47k+, favs: 14, follows: 15, updated: 6h published: 1/28/2020, Culumon/Calumon, Dukemon/Gallantmon, Beelzebumon/Beelzemon, Gatchmon
1 SENTIMIENTOS ENCONTRADOS by SaoriJoishi07 "Me sentía asfixiado, necesitaba irme un tiempo, no podía seguir con mis compañeros, aunque eso significara sacrificar muchas cosas. No esperaba que ella se diera cuenta, ahora me siento más confundido con lo que debo hacer". Ellos siguen siendo niños, ¿cómo esperar que tomen decisiones y actúen como adultos?. Historia corta de Mimi Tachikawa y Yamato Ishida.
K+, Spanish, Drama & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 18h, Yamato I./Matt, Mimi T., Gabumon, Palmon
5Sioku's Digital Adventure » by Daileywishaw24 Sioku is an autistic middle school student who loves Digimon. She is about to graduate along with her best friend. During a traumatizing argument with her academic assistant, Tentomon mysteriously communicates with Sioku through telepathy. Little does Sioku know, she becomes one of the chosen DigiDestined. There are surprises in this story that I won't spoil.
K+, English, Friendship & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 4, words: 19k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 21h published: 4/24, Tentomon
Quinta Sonrisa by davidoziel2010 Los hombres querían conquistar a Mimi, realmente lo intentaban. Y muchos de ellos lo habrían logrado, de no ser por un problema, un diminuto problema, de nombre Joe Kido. ¿Quién era él y por qué podía sacarle tantas sonrisas a la castaña?
K+, Spanish, Romance & Friendship, words: 1k+, 22h, Jou K./Joe, Mimi T.
30Digimon Data Adventure Squad » by Electrosium05 In a city of Japan, a young boy finds a strange creature in the woods. After seeing that it was injured he took the creature back home with him to help fix it up. By doing this he will be caught up into an adventure of a life time with creatures from another world invading his hometown and a secret organisation that deals with these otherworldly creatures. Will he survive or not?
T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 11, words: 39k+, favs: 32, follows: 40, updated: 5/6 published: 12/10/2020, Agumon, Masaru D./Marcus, Yoshino F., OC
2Longest Novel: Fall of The Republic » by morgan kingsley In 2020, a middle age author, living too deeply in the past, decides to write the story of what really happened to him and his friends when he was younger, and it becomes a story that travels around and covers several peoples lives and struggles to the end point. A AU of seasons 1 - 4 that take place in the United States. Crossover with several other series for one overall universe
T, English, chapters: 3, words: 92k+, favs: 9, follows: 5, updated: 5/6 published: 2/10/2020
Digimon Adventure: Another Story by Neo-Digital Through the call of another world, ' special ' children are selected who have to fight an evil with new friends, the Digimon, in order to save both the digital world and their own world ...
T, English, Friendship & Adventure, words: 913, favs: 2, follows: 1, 5/6, Chosen Children/Digidestined
3The Death of Light and Hope » by Bobrob1597 A great darkness is brewing 6 months after the Eosmon crisis. With a majority of the Digidestineds out of commission, T.K. and Kari must rise to the occasion but in doing so; they risk loosing their best friends forever.
T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 6, words: 9k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 5/5 published: 4/21, Hikari Y./Kari K., Takeru T./TK, Patamon, Tailmon/Gatomon
Homelees Love by dearthirlwally "Las dos tenemos que escondernos en las afueras donde no puedo ser tuya y tú no puedes ser mia, pero sé esto, tenemos un amor que no tiene hogar" - Secret love song pt ii, little mix.
K, Spanish, Romance & Drama, words: 533, 5/5, Yamato I./Matt, Mimi T., Takuya K., Izumi O./Zoe
3Right to Existence » by The Light's Refrain Two groups strive for happiness in a reborn world, so you would think everyone was on the same page. But they're on the same page of different books, and such a lack of communication and understanding could lead to fatal errors. Assuming the consequences of such mistakes aren't already in motion. Drabble chapters. TakumiArata KeisukeYu
T, English, Angst & Tragedy, chapters: 7, words: 6k+, favs: 4, follows: 1, updated: 5/5 published: 3/24, [Takumi A., Arata S.] Yuuko K., Yuugo K.
Princesa » by criseme Takeru Takaishi es un joven novelista parisino sumido en un profundo bloqueo de escritor desde hace años. Para poner fin a un problema que pronto destruirá su carrera y su sueño, decide aceptar la propuesta de su amigo Daisuke y mudarse a Nueva York en busca de la escurridiza inspiración que parecía haberle abandonado de forma irremediable.
T, Spanish, Romance & Drama, chapters: 7, words: 16k+, favs: 2, follows: 3, updated: 5/5 published: 3/21, [Takeru T./TK, Mimi T.] Taichi Y./Tai K., Daisuke M./Davis
1A New Frontier » by realTehKewlKreb A new evil has risen and it's up to a group of new Digidestined to stop it.
T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 3, words: 14k+, favs: 7, follows: 5, updated: 5/5 published: 4/12, Ken I., Takeru T./TK, Wallace/Willis, Ryo A.
5About all the moments in between » by DutchForStrangers Taiora drabbles and snapshots about falling in love, being in love and staying in love. Little side stories between the chapters of 'About all the times he/she kissed me', but can be read as stand alones. Non-chronological! Ratings will be either K or T. Other pairings -and characters- will be mentioned.
K+, English, Romance, chapters: 2, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 3, updated: 5/5 published: 4/10, Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T.
1Tai's and Davis' Valentine's Day » by Grandpas Girl Kim326 Tai had a bad day trying to get Valentine's chocolates from anyone all day long. Davis had even worse luck. then, someone, actually two someones come to the both of them to give them something on Valentine's Day.
K+, English, Humor & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 4, words: 8k+, favs: 1, follows: 3, 5/4, [Taichi Y./Tai K., Meiko M.] [Daisuke M./Davis, OC]
86Across the Universe » by SunLight In another universe, Taichi's little sister never lived past childhood. Years later, in a world without Light, Takeru comes across a girl claiming to be Hikari Yagami.
T, English, Drama, chapters: 5, words: 33k+, favs: 74, follows: 136, updated: 5/4 published: 8/1/2014, Taichi Y./Tai K., Hikari Y./Kari K., Takeru T./TK, Chosen Children/Digidestined
27Digimon TCG: Cyber Drive » by Shuriken16 Set in the near future, 15-year-old Adam Russo, former Beta Tester for SAIBA Enterprise's flagship TCG "Digimon" makes steps into returning to the game after stepping away during his childhood. Little does he realize though, that his initial reunion with his beloved Agumon, will set off a chain of events that neither he nor his friends will see coming... (CH13 Arc 2/ENG 1.5 Format)
T, English, Sci-Fi & Friendship, chapters: 15, words: 127k+, favs: 7, follows: 8, updated: 5/4 published: 12/24/2020
20Nexusworld » by arpulver With Tai at the helm, the world inhabited by heroes from every season found peace. But when hundreds more digidestined, hunters, and appdrivers arrive at once, finding them a suitable home and way of life could unravel everything. Especially when new leaders Haru, Tagiru, and Daigo set out to redefine their fates, no matter who stands in their way.
T, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 25, words: 303k+, favs: 36, follows: 39, updated: 5/4 published: 8/9/2018, Taichi Y./Tai K., Tagiru Akashi, Haru S., Nishijima D.
Digimon Kai Adventure by zirdor three years after the defeat of Apocalypmon, Agumon had a strange dream about A large black dinosaur digimon that protects the digital city, but he don't understand why Biyomon is in his dream. he doesn't know that he and she are going to have awesome encounters and a big Adventure wait for them.
T, English, Adventure & Romance, words: 523, 5/4, Agumon, Piyomon/Biyomon, OC, Chosen Children/Digidestined
30Temptation » by RadioRegicide Life is never easy when you're one of the DigiDestined, but when certain feelings change and old flames are rekindled some of the group will have to wrestle with their less than heroic temptations or risk destroying the team from the inside out. All the while something calling itself the Goddes of Darkness is drawing closer. Ever closer. Closer still, She comes.
K+, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 14, words: 46k+, favs: 18, follows: 34, updated: 5/4 published: 3/25/2020, Taichi Y./Tai K., Sora T., Chosen Children/Digidestined
3 Spellbound for Paradise by Witch Knight Daisy T.K. really wanted to see some sights...but his ticket happens to be in an unexpected place.
T, English, Humor & Supernatural, words: 2k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 5/4
Tales of the Returned » by DigiConjurer With the defeat of Ordinemon and REDACTED, the first of many waves of digimon partners find themselves thrust back into the Human World. These are their stories.
K+, English, Drama & Humor, chapters: 13, words: 16k+, favs: 5, follows: 3, updated: 5/4 published: 9/23/2020, Chosen Children/Digidestined
3Digimon Adventure 02: Lilithmon's Dark Design » by rafaael20 Seeking her dark destiny, Lilithmon awakens the dark forces of the past through champions Myotismon had slain, which she has set out as to destroy the Digidestined. Now facing a Demon Lord and growing darkness, the Digidestined must gather their strength if they are to best this new evil and save the Digital World
T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 6, words: 37k+, favs: 18, follows: 17, updated: 5/3 published: 1/5, [Daisuke M./Davis, Hikari Y./Kari K.]
1Cinema New » by Oragonking Here our heroes and their Digimon friends will watch videos showing their adventures, along with characters from different universes.
K+, Esperanto, Adventure, chapters: 3, words: 20k+, updated: 5/3 published: 4/15
19 Alfa » by CielPhantomm No hay barrera, cerradura ni cerrojo que puedas imponer a la libertad de mi mente. Frase de Virginia Woolf, escritora británica.
K, Spanish, chapters: 14, words: 49k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 5/3 published: 2/20, [Yamato I./Matt, Taichi Y./Tai K.] Nishijima D.
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