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EVIL UNIVERSE » by Lady Death2 Degli uomini si ritrovano davanti ad una realtà che va oltre la loro comprensione. Essi vedono il delirio di un universo maligno.
T, Italian, Supernatural & Horror, chapters: 7, words: 75k+, updated: 9/21 published: 1/23
1A Galaxy Wolfs Purpose » by Aleu The Wolf 906 Aleu has been leading the Galaxy wolves for over 2 months now and she has finally been given a mission to use her newly found powers and abilities for helpful purposes instead of using them for playfulness. This story takes place right after the other so I highly recommend reading the first story before you start this one.
T, English, Adventure & Fantasy, chapters: 9, words: 7k+, updated: 9/21 published: 4/9
The Rivals Daughter by BLUEEYES9414 This is not actually a fanfiction of 100% Wolf, but an original story i am writing. This story follows Ares Anderson, the son of an Alpha. it shows all his torments and pain, dight up untill he sees his mate, he thought he had lost the night he committed a violent crime, the crime that his own soul believes he cannot recover from.
K+, English, Romance & Supernatural, words: 1k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 9/14
Alive by FlammeEternelle Erica se retrouve à Beacon Hills, sur les conseils d'un de ses amis. Elle pensait pouvoir se contrôler mais elle avait tord. Meurtre s'ensuivent sans qu'elle ne puisse faire quelque chose pour arrêter ses folies meurtrières... Mais une bande d'adolescents, tout sauf normaux, s'incrustent dans sa vie, comptant l'aider. Surtout lui, cet imbécile brun roulant dans sa Jeep défectueuse
K, French, Supernatural & Mystery, words: 1k+, 9/8
2THE FORGOTTEN WOLF (Tears of Olin) » by Omaisabella Odin was reborn after 90,000 years to right the wrongs of the past. She was led to meet the old priestess, Arizona, who told her part of her past and took her to her mother, the moon goddess. Fate led Philip to seek the truth and he met Odin, unlocking their memories and releasing their wolves, freed her twin, Olin, from the shadow witch, and destroyed the spell Reed was in.
T, English, Fantasy & Supernatural, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, 8/11
1las almas humanas en equestria » by mlpporsiempreyundertale nose que esto XD
K, Spanish, Adventure & Mystery, chapters: 5, words: 1k+, updated: 8/11 published: 8/4
la realidad supera los sueños by mlpporsiempreyundertale Alexander un chico que vuelve a Equestria
K, Spanish, Romance & Adventure, words: 184, 8/11
a wolf tale by rosehaddock this is the story of a young wolf named luna read to find out her story
K, English, Romance & Drama, words: 19, 5/22
Army wolves » by Kyleeo9 Three packs,three wars,one ruler. Who will rule over all and who do you vote for:Mountainpack,Snowpack or Forestpack?
T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 4, words: 2k+, updated: 5/22 published: 5/19
1Wolf Stars by TamirisD This is a long running story
T, English, Adventure & Romance, words: 1k+, 5/21
2Dawn of howls by Puplord "Join Dusk on his adventure and be one with the wolf
K+, English, Drama & Adventure, words: 393, 4/14
Idk what this is but I'm trying my stories by tabbykat69 Random test
K+, English, words: 822, 4/9
10Unclaimed Love (New Version) » by UnforgettableHearts Come in don't be shy." He teased me as I saw him in the lake, his beautiful, well-built muscular body shimmering underneath the moonlight, I got in and felt his strong arms pull me closer to his chest, he placed soft kisses on my neck and I just knew then I was falling for him. I was falling finally for my husband that I didn't want to marry in the first place. My heart is his.
T, English, Romance & Supernatural, chapters: 9, words: 34k+, favs: 10, follows: 12, updated: 3/20 published: 11/13/2014
Alindette Underground by thatexpert9 Alindette Rose is dealing with the struggles of insanity. The bugs are loud and clear and the only way for her to drown them out is through art. When she visits her mother in the institute, her mother gives her hints of what is really going on and how to end the wretched curse that hangs over the Rose family. Alindette travels to the land of Wonder to end that curse.
T, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 741, 3/3
Aleu and The Galaxy Wolf » by Aleu The Wolf 906 It was a calm and warm day on the island of Big Diomede between Russia and Alaska there lay a sleepy and tired wolf whose names is already recognized as Aleu the new leader of the wolf pack which was lead but the former leader Nava the old but wise leader. Aleu has been at the island of Big Diomede for over 3 months now and finally realized she made a mistake by leaving her family.
T, English, Fantasy & Adventure, chapters: 17, words: 17k+, updated: 3/2 published: 1/22
welp ignore this by Alekaowo I mean
K, English, words: 1, 2/9
1Moon Light by machmakerninja1123 This book is about a alpha daughter name Moon who is a werewolf but she soon falls in love with a human boy name Jake.
T, English, Romance & Fantasy, words: 603, 2/1
1Whiteridge Falls » by LilaSai Kat's dream of finally settling down and being a real family after her father's retirement from the Navy died with her mother. Now Kat must try to carry on without one of the most important people in her life. But Kat is plagued by dreams of the night of the car accident that took her mother from her and the mysterious creature of the night that saved her.
T, English, Mystery & Romance, chapters: 2, words: 784, favs: 1, follows: 1, updated: 1/31 published: 1/30, OC
「압구정오피」︰ℴp by jamira2912 점보012 압구정오피 ."오피스타".[ℴp
K, Korean, Supernatural, words: 29, 1/14
1Trf by DodgeXY Ddfd
T, German, Mystery, words: 3, 1/8, OC
일산오피예약「 」 일산오피 の강남립카페안내 일산오피 오피스타 일산오피 JANGGU 일산오피 by uGgnajJ 일산오피 [추천사이트: opduta‚çóm]일산오피 사이트일산오피 일산리신일산오피 립카간석일산오피 일산오피 역 삼휴게텔 신논현오피건마 『오피스타』 신뢰받는 사이트 위일산오피 [오피스타]o타opduta닷컴 일산오피 일산오피
K, Korean, words: 97, 1/1
1강남오피예약「 」 강남오피 の강남립카페안내 강남오피 오피스타 강남오피 JANGGU 강남오피 by uGgnajJ 강남오피 [추천사이트: opduta‚çóm]강남오피 사이트강남오피 일산리신강남오피 립카간석강남오피 강남오피 역 삼휴게텔 신논현오피건마 『오피스타』 신뢰받는 사이트 위강남오피 [오피스타]o타opduta닷컴 강남오피 강남오피
K, Korean, Poetry, words: 97, 1/1
논현오피 오피스타 강남M 강남유흥 강남룸싸롱강남룸싸롱 논현오피 논현오피 JANGGU by uGgnajJ 논현오피[추천사이트: opduta‚çóm]서강남피사이트논현오피 일산리논현오피립카간석논현오피 오피스타논현오피 논현오피건마 『오피스타』 신뢰받는 사이트 위오피사이트[오피스타]o타opduta닷컴 논현오피 논현오피
K, Korean, Poetry, words: 97, 12/28/2017
강남출장 오피스타 강남흥웃강남스파선강남양재오피유양재오피 양재오피 장구30 by uGgnajJ ]강남출장 오피스타 강남흥웃강남스파선강남양재오피유양재오피 양재오피 장구30 양재오피[추천사이트: opduta‚çóm]양재오피사이트양재오피 일산리양재오피립카간석양재오피 오피스타양재오피 양재오피건마 『오피스타』 신뢰받는 사이트 위오피사이트오피스타o타opduta닷컴 양재오피 양재오피
K, Korean, Suspense, words: 97, 12/27/2017
강남출장 오피스타 강남흥웃강남스파선강남간석건마유간석건마 간석건마 장구30 by uGgnajJ ]강남출장 오피스타 강남흥웃강남스파선강남간석건마유간석건마 간석건마 장구30 간석건마[추천사이트: opduta‚çóm]간석건마사이트간석건마 일산리간석건마립카간석간석건마 오피스타간석건마 간석건마건마 『오피스타』 신뢰받는 사이트 위오피사이트오피스타o타opduta닷컴 간석건마 간석건마
K, Korean, Parody, words: 97, 12/27/2017
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