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5The Other Vanderquack » by penguinluv129 A strange figure in Webby's dreams compels her to start asking questions about her family. What happened to her parents? Why is Granny so secretive? Why is Louie looking at her like that? (T rating for future action sequences and language)
T, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 9, words: 10k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 13h published: 1/16, Webby Vanderquack, OC
36Life is Like a Hurricane » by AngelPines Life is... a mess, okay. I ain't gonna sugarcoat that part. But let me tell you something. Working as an assistant to the richest duck in the world, having his estranged family move in, and going on all sorts of insane adventures... kinda makes it all worthwhile. Even if I question my sanity every now and then.
T, English, Family & Friendship, chapters: 6, words: 32k+, favs: 14, follows: 20, updated: 18h published: 1/11, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Louie Duck, OC
42 Pulling a Louie » by mandaree1 After Louie gets hurt in an attempt to nab more cash, Scrooge forces him to shadow him at work, and the two begin to realize they're a lot more alike then they might prefer.
K+, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 13, words: 15k+, favs: 16, follows: 13, updated: 2/16 published: 1/16, Scrooge McDuck, Louie Duck
11Cherry and Atticus's DuckTales » by PerkyGoth14 Based on the 2017 spin-off, in an alternate universe, Cherry and Atticus live with Donald Duck and his triplet nephews: Huey, Dewey, and Louie. They are then sent to live with the richest duck in DuckBurg named Scrooge McDuck who also happens to be the granduncle of the triplets, and they solve mysteries and rewrite history while discovering new adventures and their pasts.
K+, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 6, words: 10k+, favs: 12, follows: 10, updated: 2/14 published: 12/27/2017
1Don Juan Beagle by panzerknacker When Babyface Beagle accidentally drinks one of Magica's potions, he transforms into a canine casanova that enchants Duckburg, and causes a whole mess of trouble in his wake. Collab with brave kid.
K, English, Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, 2/14
90An Unexpected Assailant » by cartoonfavs Della, the boys' mother, has returned to welcome them back into her life. Problem is, she's a drug addict and abusive. Now Scrooge must save his nephews before it's too late.
T, English, Drama & Family, chapters: 17, words: 19k+, favs: 50, follows: 55, updated: 2/14 published: 6/22/2011
1Christmas Presents and a late night adventure » by RobinLost When Professor Ludwig comes visiting, he brings Christmas presents that are more than they seem.
K, English, Family & Fantasy, chapters: 4, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 2/14 published: 1/16, Donald Duck, Ludwig Von Drake
4 Beach Blanket Beloved by Ninjatana Warrior How does a certain triplet make his love interest enjoy Valentine's Day? By taking her out to a place where there is the sun, sand and the sea! Oneshot story
K+, English, Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 2/14, [Dewey Duck, Webby Vanderquack]
1 Calling You by LillySeedriafox264 Donald's having a rough night and José's out of town. So, wanting a break for a little bit and not knowing what else to do, he calls him. (DonJo. One-shot. Pre-series.)
K, English, Family & Romance, words: 2k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, 2/13, Donald Duck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck
Welcome Chaos by StarTraveler From the 2017 universe Scrooge thinks on how much things have changed.
K, English, Family, words: 325, favs: 1, 2/13
8Words Can Hurt Too » by boltsoffury10 Louie gets bullied by a couple of guys during his first day of school. The bullies don't physically hurt him, but they mentally hurt him. Louie tries to ignore it, but sticks and stones aren't the only thing that can hurt you.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, chapters: 5, words: 7k+, favs: 3, follows: 5, updated: 2/11 published: 1/23, Louie Duck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, OC
12Family Always Helps Family by Light Filled City Della Duck has been missing for ten years. Scrooge finds what she is trapped in and he is eager to get her out even if it means working with old enemies and his ex. Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie struggle with the knowledge that Della will soon be in their lives again especially when some secrets are reveled. Webby must choose between listening to her grandmother or trusting Lena.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, words: 4k+, favs: 8, follows: 10, 2/8, Scrooge McDuck, Donald Duck, Magica De Spell, Della Duck
3 Only Concerned by LillySeedriafox264 Louie came back from being outside for a few hours. Webby welcomes him back, but she's not feeling happy with him. (One-shot. Tw; self-harm is mentioned.)
T, English, Family & Hurt/Comfort, words: 1k+, favs: 1, 2/5, [Louie Duck, Webby Vanderquack]
2DuckTales: Werewolves on the Range! by TheDragonSaver When Webby finds out a "hair-raising" secret, the Duck crew go on a journey to the wild west to solve it. A tourist trap, a runaway train, and a spooky manor? Just another adventure for Scrooge McDuck and his family! (slight crossover with the Disney Parks) Set after "Terror of the Terra-Firmians!" Magica tag for Lena (we really need to get a tag for her)
K+, English, Adventure & Humor, words: 1k+, favs: 3, follows: 3, 2/4, Webby Vanderquack, Magica De Spell, Louie Duck, OC
3Wide by 1234BlueLagoon After being rescued from the broken-down trailer by a tophat wearing stranger, Huey discovers that the world is a lot larger than he thought.
T, English, Adventure & Family, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 10, 2/4, Scrooge McDuck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
3 Movie Night (Debbigail) by TheMysteriousDoraemonFan It's Friday night, and the triplets decide to watch a film late at night with Webby! What could possibly happen? (Short Debbigail/Dewey X Webby one-shot)
K+, English, Humor & Romance, words: 1k+, favs: 1, 2/3, [Dewey Duck, Webby Vanderquack] Huey Duck, Louie Duck
7Duck Avatar Au » by GinYang98 Water, earth, fire, air. Long ago there was a persone capable of master the four elements with the job of keep the balance in the world. This person is called "The avatar". And him/her will always be reborn, after the death of the old one, in diferent bodies from each nation keeping a cicle. The last avatar was Mickey Mouse, the new one is Dewey Duck. (English ver)
T, English, Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, favs: 4, follows: 4, updated: 1/30 published: 12/4/2017, Webby Vanderquack, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
1Worlds Away by CrazyFangirl246 Della's disappearance affects everyone, in one way or another.
K, English, Family & Mystery, words: 1k+, favs: 3, follows: 5, 1/29, Webby Vanderquack, Donald Duck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck
5Life On A Dime » by meiloorun-notthe-fruit "No matter what I do, these kids will get into trouble, so maybe you could teach them how to get out of trouble.." - Donald Duck. Out of all of them, it was Louie Duck and Webby Vanderquack who were known for getting into trouble very easily. Dewey looked for trouble, Huey actively avoided it, but trouble seemed to always find Webby and Louie, even if they didn't want it.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Friendship, chapters: 2, words: 3k+, favs: 8, follows: 12, updated: 1/29 published: 12/29/2017, Webby Vanderquack, Louie Duck
5Rewriting History » by Inimitable and Original Donald has rejoined the Navy, leaving his triplet nephews (and adopted sons) in the care of his rich uncle, the only man he trusts with the job. Together, with Scrooge's adopted family, Launchpad and Abby, they'll unravel the history of their mysterious, miserly Uncle Scrooge and in the process, unearth skeletons in the family closet. Human!AU.
K+, English, Adventure & Mystery, chapters: 4, words: 18k+, favs: 4, follows: 4, updated: 1/28 published: 9/24/2017
5Uncle Scrooge » by 1234BlueLagoon So, Uncle Donald entered the Navy and we're stuck having to stay with an uncle we didn't even know existed until now. I hope this all works out... New Adventures! Louie-centric!
K+, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 8, words: 22k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 1/27 published: 10/13/2017, Scrooge McDuck, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
7Standing Up With You » by LillySeedriafox264 Della's back and everyone's glad she's home. Scrooge, however, is suspicious of Huey and Dewey being in a relationship. (HueDew. Sequel to Fallin' For You, read that first before reading this.)
T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 4, words: 13k+, favs: 4, follows: 2, updated: 1/26 published: 11/27/2017, [Huey Duck, Dewey Duck] Scrooge McDuck, Della Duck
1Duck Avatar Au (español) » by GinYang98 Agua, tierra, fuego, aire. Hace muchos años existe una persona capas de controlar los cuatro elementos y con el deber de proteger el mundo al que llaman "el avatar". Ésta persona renace en diferentes cuerpos y naciones al momento de la muerte del anterior. El anterior se llamaba Mickey Mouse, el nuevo es un pequeño pato llamado Paco.
T, Spanish, Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, updated: 1/26 published: 12/4/2017
2Let me show you » by MonkeyLi At first, this Fanfiction was intended as direct continuation for @commanders work here "From Pitiful to Piteous" Because I loved it so much! But I soon realized that both our interpretation of the characters and writing stile just wont match ;. Thus I created a different beginning to makeit a FF on its own. Anyway I hope you enjoy my little christmas story. What is pure fluff.
K, English, Romance, chapters: 2, words: 17k+, favs: 2, follows: 1, updated: 1/26 published: 12/24/2017, Scrooge McDuck, Magica De Spell
3 The Bad Summer by mandaree1 The triplets and Webby move into the houseboat for the summer. Huey is forced to come to terms with the fact that he's dealing with depression. Louie is on meds. Dewey starts to be concerned about his lack of attention span. Webby fiddles with origami.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Family, words: 3k+, favs: 8, follows: 4, 1/26, Webby Vanderquack, Huey Duck, Dewey Duck, Louie Duck
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