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14Living In Fear » by ImagionationStation After a trip to the junkyard, Donnie and Mikey unknowingly brings home a wooden box. Once opened, the box unleashes a thousand-year-old Demon whose only desire is to feed on the fear of others. Accidentally free, the Demon turns his attention on finding the one thing he needs to get in touch with the human world. A host's body. Unfortunately for Donnie, the Demon chooses him.
K+, English, Supernatural, chapters: 12, words: 25k+, favs: 9, follows: 13, updated: 2h published: 10/12/2020, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
4Mofongo and Mutants » by aggiefrogger Roberto Hernandez is not happy with his life. He has no friends, is forced to work in his family's restaurant, and his love for music is stifled by his overbearing father. However, a chance encounter with two mutants will change his life drastically, and set in motion a series of events that will bring rewards and consequences to everyone involved. T for language and violence
T, English, Friendship & Adventure, chapters: 3, words: 16k+, favs: 1, follows: 3, updated: 2h published: 4/30, Leonardo, OC, Anton Z./Bebop, Ivan S./Rocksteady
9If only They'd Listen (TMNT Fan-Fiction) » by LauraKie87 "Sometimes people take the most precious things for granted, and don't realize until it's too late..." Out on a peaceful night during the Turtles' nightly patrol, the youngest brother senses trouble; and is sure something is not right here. But will his brothers heed his warnings, or fall in hot waters and regret not listening later? Is the little brother right?
T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 2, words: 4k+, favs: 5, follows: 4, updated: 9h published: 1/24, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
That book on the shelf by HoneyNeechan You just wanted to get that book. Nothing so complicated. Take that precise book on that precise high shelf. Definitely high. - What are you doing? - Oh sh ..! - Hi Leo ... -. Of all the people (pardon, turtles) who could enter that room, he had to happen. That's a Tickle fiction - Don't like, don't read. Simple enough.
T, English, Friendship & Humor, words: 1k+, 10h, Leonardo, OC
25The Lonely Mutation of Peter Stockman » by windofmysoul Leo's strength has always come from his brothers but what will he do if he forgets them? What will they do without their fearless leader? Baxter Stockman has always been a villain, but now he has a chance at redemption and family. If destiny is a choice what do these stories hold when the paths of a turtle family and a villain cross.
T, English, Family & Angst, chapters: 13, words: 26k+, favs: 6, follows: 7, updated: 5/7 published: 2/23
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Worlds Collide » by SonShaSil01 A year has passed since the events of Out of the Shadows and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have become a bit restless due to the lack crime this past year. But when a mysterious warrior tells the turtles about a place called the Battle Nexus, it may be just the thing to satisfy their need to kick butt!
T, English, Adventure & Family, chapters: 4, words: 11k+, updated: 5/7 published: 4/4, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
Frostbite » by pepperimps01 Casey Jones was supposed to loathe Donatello. They were rivals to the core, as it should be. But he couldn't. And with the rise of a dangerous, new mutant, their rivalry is tested. an obligatory enemies to lovers Jonatello cover art by tmntdoneright
T, English, Romance & Humor, chapters: 9, words: 30k+, favs: 3, follows: 5, updated: 5/7 published: 3/5, Donatello, April O., Casey J.
Standards by wilfterblue In Señor Hueso's standards, he isn't normally a man to care about other people that have no relation to him. Unless, of course, if it's about his friend Leonardo. [Rise verse]
K, English, Humor & Family, words: 1k+, 5/6, Leonardo
Tea Time by HeartAngel1796 Set during 2012 series episode 'Slash and Destroy.' What happened between those two scenes of Leo with that little girl in her room, joining her tea party.
K+, English, Friendship & Humor, words: 2k+, 5/6, Leonardo
14 Un combat de tous les instants » by Cyrlight Suite à la prise de la ville par les Kraangs et leur exil forcé à la campagne, les Tortues sont de retour à New-York. Bien décidées à renvoyer les extraterrestres dans leur dimension, elles doivent se préparer à ce qui s'annonce comme le plus grand combat de leur existence. (Se place après le S3E8)
K+, French, Adventure, chapters: 84, words: 236k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, updated: 5/6 published: 1/30/2016
59Finding Home » by LaurenHardy13 Human AU: Leo, Raph, Don, and Mikey, have been living in foster care for as long as they can remember, waiting for a family who won't split them up. A man named Oroku Saki promises this but has to adopt only Leo first to make some 'arrangments'. Leo agrees but causes the brothers to be split up even further than they ever wanted. Will the brothers find their true home? Find out!
T, English, Family & Adventure, chapters: 15, words: 44k+, favs: 42, follows: 53, updated: 5/5 published: 4/22/2019, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
TMNT Historias de la alcantarilla (2) - Los vigilantes by PreNix Miércoles, día en que Raphael y Casey Jones quedan para salir por la noche a patear unos cuantos culos de delincuentes, aunque en esta ocasión Gioconda irá con ellos. Casey fija su mira en los Harley's Demons, una banda de moteros que, por increíble que parezca, ha robado un cuadro por el que ofrecen sustanciosa recompensa para el que lo devuelva. ¡Hora de ganar dinero! O quizá no.
K+, Spanish, Adventure & Friendship, words: 3k+, 5/5, Raphael, OC, Casey J.
TMNT Historias de la alcantarilla (1) - El topo y el mouser » by PreNix Poco después de los sucesos de "Un lugar al que llamar hogar" Donatello, inicialmente nada convencido, accederá a reparar un mouser a petición de Gioconda, al que bautizará con el nombre de Seymour. Esto les meterá en un lío cuando, durante una salida para poner a prueba el mouser, se topen con un ladrón de bancos de lo más inusual.
K+, Spanish, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 8, words: 13k+, 5/5, Donatello, Master Splinter, OC
A Thousand Years » by blueeyedinnocene3 "After discovering there are other universes, other worlds that we're apart of..do you think we'd still meet? Do you really believe friendship can last more than one lifetime?" Kara looked to her friends with worry while rubbing her arm. When no sudden answer was said she looked away. Donnie was the first to step to her and bring her into an embrace. "I don't see why not."
T, English, Friendship & Romance, chapters: 3, words: 23k+, favs: 1, follows: 1, 5/5, Donatello
22Forever Changed 3: Brotherly Bonds » by TMNTTLK lover After surviving a brutal attack Donatello is finally healing. But all is not well in his family. A new evil threatens to destroy his family. Can he and his brothers survive it? Or will they fall? Read more to find out. Rated T to be safe
T, English, Family & Supernatural, chapters: 14, words: 20k+, favs: 4, follows: 5, updated: 5/5 published: 3/3, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
Intergalactic romance by Bianca Santana1 4 beautiful alien princesses with fairy wings from a different planet flew down to Earth for a vacation and one by one they fall madly in love with the turtles when they saved them from Shredder and they each wanna take them back home to their planet so they would be their princes
K, English, Adventure & Hurt/Comfort, words: 2k+, 5/3
1 Saving Grace » by Orange Dash It was one dreadful night. A night that haunted Mikey's dreams. The spray of blood, the screams that echoed across the stale air. It wasn't just any screams, but the screams of his older brothers mirroring his own. The next thing he knew, darkness had consumed him. Mikey wakes up to the aid of April and Casey. And it's then that the youngest turtle realizes that his bros are gone.
T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, chapters: 8, words: 12k+, favs: 5, follows: 1, 5/3, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
Who are you? by Littlebodygrumpyheart My TMNT OC meets Splinter for the first time, and even though she knows him, well a different version of him, she can't seem to answer a simple question. Probably because everything seems so different even though its so similar.
K, English, words: 424, 5/2, Master Splinter
1 Breakfast for Mikey by IsabelleJoy Mikey's sick, and since he's always cooking breakfast for his brothers, they are determined to for once do the same for him. Only problem is they can't cook and disaster ensues. Human AU.
K, English, Family & Humor, words: 3k+, favs: 3, follows: 1, 5/2
1 Endangered by Orange Dash Mikey goes skateboarding in the sewers, only to end up in danger. Which then results in the youngest fighting for his life. And in the end loses something in return.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, words: 7k+, favs: 3, 5/1, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
2Blood in Their Veins by dragonbreath88 Based on Echokazul's 'Blood in My Veins' AU. Includes scenes that weren't shown. Written and published with Echokazul's permission/guidance.
K+, English, Friendship & Family, words: 1k+, favs: 2, follows: 2, 5/1
Mutant Ninja Turtle in Manhattan Level: Rocksteady Alternative end by legendary white wing even games give me idea for story i hope you like this one the tilte give you the clue for what whappen
K, English, Adventure, words: 988, 5/1
Deadweight » by MorikoTheHalfAngel Early Season 3 fix-it fic. Trauma comes in all shapes and sizes, but no matter how it manifests, it's never an easy burden to carry alone. What happened during the three months Leo was in his coma? How did his family and friends cope while he was out? How did he deal with both the physical and mental trauma left behind by Shredder once he woke up?
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Angst, chapters: 3, words: 17k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 4/30 published: 3/29, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello
11Blooded Snares » by 000Marie198 Raphael finds himself trapped within the underworld, unable to escape and unable to tell anyone about it lest he loses his family. He has to keep it all a secret but that can't be easy when you have an overprotective brother on your case and you come home too late, harbouring new injuries. Things only take a turn for the worst when said brother also gets trapped.
T, English, Angst & Mystery, chapters: 2, words: 7k+, favs: 11, follows: 9, updated: 4/29 published: 12/23/2019, Raphael, Leonardo
Feelings - The Aftermath by ILikeReadingFics This is a sequel to the story 'Feelings' by Ryu-Amio on DeviantArt. I suggest you read that first. What happens after Leo leaves the lair with Raph?
T, English, Angst & Hurt/Comfort, words: 4k+, 4/26, Donatello
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