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2Anti Flame Indonesia
Jangan pernah mengFlame orang kalau anda tidak mau di Flame.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 01-02-10 - Founder: The Last Angga LancerEvolution
No Yaoi allowed in this community! That's the biggest thing, also we have a variety of different genres and lengths. I call it Star because, well I don't have any specific reason. Also, please don't judge by the sumamry because I'm horrible at writing summaries.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-30-09 - Founder: ukechii
43*Cherry Blossom's Utopia
A place exclusively for decent, well written, clear in both the plot and writting style, kind of stories, about sakura who is being paired up with multiple men wether it be focused on romance or not, and in any selective age, and in any naruto universe. *sakura
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-30-09 - Founder: Love Is a Myth
57Just Another Collection
A collection of well written and entertaining fics. They will most likely be SasuNaru, ItaDei, KisaIta and SasoDei but there will also be gen and the occasional het pairing. Hopefully there will be something for everyone to enjoy!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-29-09 - Founder: Nanaki Lioness
2wilted xx flowers.
A SasuHina community ranging from arranged marriages, alternate universes and containing the most fun to read Sasuke and Hinata stories you'll ever get your hands on, from select authors and hand chosen with care. enjoi~
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-29-09 - Founder: xx r a c o n t e u r
55Akatsuki Central Inc.
anything that revolves around the Akatsuki. crossovers n yaoi allowed!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-29-09 - Founder: whatcanpossiblygohere
52Naruto Fics Worth Your Time
A collection of Naruto fics that are good to read. No guarantees may have been abandoned or discontinued.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-28-09 - Founder: ArtemisNemo
181Fics I read
These are fics I find interesting on some level or other.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-27-09 - Founder: UltimateFictionReader
8Secret Santa: From Naruto Roleplay Forumers
A small compilation of fanfics that we of the Naruto Roleplay forum have created, just for one another, in the spirit of Christmas. Please enjoy.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-24-09 - Founder: s y m d r o n e
2Ignore this pal.
Dead community
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-24-09 - Founder: Nagato Uzumaki
2The Cold & The Crystallized
What are the difference between being cold and crystallized? Sasuke's as cold as ice; untouched by inferno and forever isolated... Ino's crystallized, being as sharp as a diamond's edges; strong and shines from within... Crystals and Ice are from the same entity, frozen, sleek and cold.... THAT'S WHY THIS IS A SASUINO [ONLY] COMMUNITY! No other pairings allowed... Especially SasuSaku... Give Ino a break, Sakura doesn't deserve everything she wants... And heck, if you want a reason on why Ino's better
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-24-09 - Founder: LynxMasterx
13NejiTen Forevah
Everything NejiTen! If you want Action, Romance, Fluff, Humor, or just plain Drama, this has it! Completely centered on the greatest couple ever, NejixTenten.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-23-09 - Founder: HogoshaOtaku
2NarutoXGarra 4ever an ever
My favorite yoai pairing
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-20-09 - Founder: Mika the Dark princess
5Naruto Best of the Best
This is the community of best naruto stories. I have read them all personally and all are of good lengths.you can expect 250000+ stories here. NO YAOI
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-16-09 - Founder: Fire Dragon 911
6Sasuke and Naruto of The New Year Day
Di sini adalah tempat berkumpulnya Fiction-Fiction Sasuke dan Naruto khusus persembahan para Author untuk menyambut Tahun Baru. ^^ Di bawah ini ada Link Fic SasuNaru yang dipost salah satu Author lewat Blog, silahkan berkunjung di: http://finencia./2009/12/my-first-fic.html
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-15-09 - Founder: Fudanshi n Fujoshi of SasuNaru
53Take a chance
The finest SasuNaru fics out there. Chosen because they're believable, in-character, and most of all, well-written. This includes one-shots. There might also be some friendships fics, but probably not too many.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-13-09 - Founder: xx QuietContemplation xx
2A Shinobi and his Prisoner
Hey there, this is Beyond The Cage. This community is dedicated to Naruto x FemKyuubi. All stories MUST be over 5k, except MAYBE a really good oneshot. Since this is under prisoners, I guess Naruto x Slaves is welcome (except Sakura). Welp, I hope you enjoy! (Note): Most stories will be in the M category.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-12-09 - Founder: Beyond The Cage
33Summer Wind
a place for any kind of naruto stories! Preferably Akatsuki ones.
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-09-09 - Founder: DarkCrimsonShadowBlossom
1A Curious Mind
Stories about the Naruto cast as children. Their thoughts, adventures, misadventures, trials and tribulations as they become who they are today. Or, in an altered universe, who they could have become.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-08-09 - Founder: Insanity's Fire
4Community GaaraxSari
Maybe there will be no (there are) many fics of this beautiful couple, but one must always start from 0. For those who feel an affinity with this (and possible) couple of Sunagakure. Community created to place all fics GaaraxSari , including other countries. Tal vez no habra (no hay) muchos fics de esta hermosa pareja, pero siempre hay que comenzar de 0. Para todos aquellos que sienten afinidad con esta (y posible) pareja de sunagakure. Comunidad creada para colocar todos los fics GaaraxSari incl
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-07-09 - Founder: Rock Sabaku Norou
16Conlige Suspectos Semper Habitos
Akatsuki centric stories, because the Akatsuki needs to be appreciated. Straight and Gay. Epic and Drabble. All or one. Outside influences or none. Anything goes. (Anything well written of course.)
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-06-09 - Founder: Ataokoloinona
14Naruto weilding bloodline(s)
Naruto weliding one or more bloodlines. At least five thousand words in the stories. No Naruto Yaoi, maybe some yuri, and harem.
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-05-09 - Founder: Juubi Kami of Time and Space
81OneShots; What You Need, What You Want
OneShots are more or less ignored in favor of Multi-Chapter stories that may or may not be better then them. I will sort through that mess and give you what you're looking for; One-shots, Two-shots and maybe even Three-shots that are good in quality, but maybe not length. Other stories; Drabbles, Lists, Short-Stories, 20Truths; All-Genre. All Pairing. Het, Yaoi, Yuri. All Ratings. Accepts recommendations, PM manager. Looking for staff.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-05-09 - Founder: ivy-tsuta
4For Those Who Just Love Gaara and Neji
If you're after some GOOD quality Gaa/Neji stories (involving yaoi, of course) then here you are! Welcome to the Fold! (There are stories in here, they're all M rated though... -sheepish grin-)
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-04-09 - Founder: Duly Noted and Discredited
2Explicit SasuNaru (=
This is for all of us SasuNaru fans who love it all out. Extreme Yaoi content. 'Little ones, hurry run and close your ears, this will ruin your virgin ears' 'Shut up innner me. This s*** is awsome and you know it' 'Why do I try any more' (= 'I win. And...GO SASUNARU'
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 0 - Since: 12-01-09 - Founder: XxSasuke'sTearsxX
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