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44Notice Me Taang
This C2 has stories that are all about Taang! If you would like to be a staff just send me a message!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 9 - Since: 11-09-07 - Founder: turtleduckss
An Unlimited place, with no boundaries. Any pairing, any plotline, anything. You're Unlimited here. These are stories that are of excellent quality and are greatly recommended. Stop in anytime, you're Unlimited!
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 9 - Since: 10-16-05 - Founder: Lucibell
11Classic Couples
Okay, who here hates all these KataraZuko and the KataraHaru and the SokkaMarySue or slash fan fics? I DO! That's why I created this community. This is a community for Aang x Katara, Sokka x Suki,and Zuko x Mai stories.And those stories ONLY! Here's to all the classic couple lovers everywhere!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 8 - Since: 04-16-05 - Founder: Shivering Jemmy
21The Azula Fan Club
here, you will find any fics deemed worthy involving azula. azula lemons, azula comedy, azula adventure/action, azula romance, azula everything! If you want to join the staff, tell me in a PM! i don't have much time on my hands, so i can't really get around to adding stories too often, so volunteers for the staff would be greatly appreciated.
English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 8 - Since: 02-07-08 - Founder: Jack The Riddler
29The Azula Nation of the World
An entire C2 devoted to the greatest bender to ever spit fire. We accept all kinds of Azula fics be it with ambitous or redemption evil or good. Anything from oneshots to long adventures are welcomed here. We have the best Azula fics on the whole entire site. If your a fan of the true Fire Nation Princess and Lord, please subscribe, just PM for any good fics that you have in mind. Staff keep a keen eye out for any good 'Zula fics. (Mostly T-M rated fics!)
English - Staff: 4 - Followers: 8 - Since: 10-21-08 - Founder: J1210
29For Sokka
Quality Sokka-centric pieces. Includes parings, friendship, and family themes. Please feel free to email/PM me with suggestions. Thank you.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 8 - Since: 12-02-08 - Founder: mrandall
21Kataang Fanclub
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 8 - Since: 12-27-08 - Founder: Crystal Starling
14Paralyzed By Lightning~Sokkla
I know everyone likes Zutara and Taang, but how about something different. I looked through the whole entire community and there was only one other like this. So how about putting out some more Sokka and Azula fics. Any Genre. Good or Bad stories Welcome! Any rating also.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 8 - Since: 07-11-08 - Founder: BritNB
22Best Avatar: The Last Airbender Fics.
This is a collection of the best Avatar: The Last Airbender fan fictions nominated by readers on this site! It has Zutara and Kataang fics!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 8 - Since: 11-25-07 - Founder: geekmage
21Zuko and Katara Sun and MoonWater and Fire
Zuko and Katara the couple we all want and love!
English - Staff: 5 - Followers: 8 - Since: 02-21-07 - Founder: TurtleBaby43
15Slash Asylum: Home of the Aanuko Slash Fanfiction
ZukoxAang & 4those that go 4 AangxZuko that 2,all the ff's I can find conveniently at the disposal of this Archive.Warning:Dont flame authors.I accept all flames:FlameMe underscore Flamer at hotmail . com. Email me if you have a problem.Aanuko ff not here?Tell me!
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 8 - Since: 04-14-06 - Founder: FlameMe-Flamer
12The World of Avatar
For those who love this show, I recommend to join this archive. I would really appreciate if people who enjoy these stories such as myself, and have as much enthusiasm for it like me, share it with other people.
English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 8 - Since: 07-02-05 - Founder: LadyRavenhart
23The blind bandit :3
Pairings: ? X Toph. Look my profile to know how to be part of my staff. Tokka, taang, zoko, etc all of them will be here. Except for the Yuri (FemFem slash) pairings.
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 8 - Since: 08-17-08 - Founder: yinyer-press
9Bumpy Road
Prince Zuko x Sokka! SoZu fics of all ratings and genres! Email for Staff Entry!
English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 8 - Since: 06-05-05 - Founder: zukoxsokka
17Fanning the Flames: The Fire Princess and The Avatar
Favorite AANG x AZULA stories. Get your AzulAang here while its hot! 'Wind feeds a fire and makes it stronger'.
English - Staff: 35 - Followers: 8 - Since: 06-08-07 - Founder: Mew Mew Kagome
87The Best Avatar Fanfics
Either it's romance, adventure, fantasy etc. only the best of the best stories are found here!
English - Staff: 18 - Followers: 7 - Since: 06-15-09 - Founder: xtremesweetness
1Zuko with an OC? Sokka with an OC? Find them here!
Here I am going to keep any good stories that are SokkaxOC or ZukoxOC, like the stories that I write. I haven't been on here in a very long time, so if there's anyone that wants to become a staff member that's online fairly often, then send me a message, and without further adieu, I will be more than happy to add you.
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 7 - Since: 07-07-06 - Founder: Raaon Teisha
45Odd One Out
Waterbenders grow up in icy Tribal tundras. Earthbenders don't stray far from their Kingdom. Firebender spent their lives in their own Nation. Airbenders are raised by Nomadic monks. But what if that weren't the case? What if you spent your childhood with people you shouldn't have? See how benders deal with being the Odd One Out.
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 7 - Since: 03-30-10 - Founder: cocoalover1956
14Keep Your Friends Close, Your Enemies Closer
Zutara, all before final season.
English - Staff: 3 - Followers: 7 - Since: 09-28-06 - Founder: Lizzie Auden
10Toph and Sokka: The Novel Series
There are barely any long chaptered stories of these two, so, I figured I'd make it easier and create a community specificially for mulitchapter stories, in hopes to inspire more readers. I'm going to post the stories I've read but please by all means, feel free to let me know of others c:
English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 7 - Since: 07-18-11 - Founder: NoLongerWriting-AbandonedAccou
58Zuko's Lover
These are stories of who, and how Fire Lord Zuko ended up with at the end of the day. Whether it be Katara, Mai, or maybe even Ty lee. All ships are welcome, feel free to browse. CURRENTLY LOOKING FOR STAFF MEMBERS.
English - Staff: 6 - Followers: 6 - Since: 08-30-10 - Founder: Crow's Reach
4Zutara Forever
Since Zuko and Katara are bond to be together, I decided to make a Zutara C2. This is for ZukoKatara pairings. Secondary pairings are aloud, but the story must be a Zutara.
English - Staff: 2 - Followers: 6 - Since: 01-02-06 - Founder: Patience Halliwell
16Avatar Adult Action
Want stories about the Avadults for a change? I do! Any pairings and/or your own characters...The only limit here is your imagination! There are alot of M rated ones on here too...just reset the dropdown to rating-M and go! I hope you enjoy this collection!
English - Staff: 0 - Followers: 6 - Since: 01-26-08 - Founder: Kira73
Stories about people from our favorite nation! :CD
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 6 - Since: 06-20-05 - Founder: Eddynessofdoom
19The Pink Acrobat
I was truly surprised at the lack of decent fics about Ty-Lee so I decided I could gather them all in one place for those of you who agree with me when I say she's one of the coolest yet most overlooked characters in the series. All pairings (within reason) as well as all genres. PM me if you want your story added. n.n
English - Staff: 1 - Followers: 6 - Since: 08-19-10 - Founder: Fancy Pants Penguin Jiao-Jie
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