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K Project!4.5K
Kings, Clans, Auras, Power. Wish to have it all? Battle with other gangs, seek the murderer of your Clansmen. Gain power beyond human comprehensions? Enter the city of the Kings!
English - Topics: 11 - Since: 11-11-12 - xnightdx
K Project Roleplay2.0K
Shizume City, a city in which each of the seven Kings participate in battle, where ordinary citizens live without worrying about these so-called battles or seek power and where someone searches for themselves.
English - Topics: 9 - Since: 11-08-15 - Lankito
K Project Yaoi13
POSt anything under the sun about the sexy bishies/yaoi pairings of K Anime Project!
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 11-14-12 - TheGirlWhoWalkedAway
Chit chat with the man of K project!0
so this one was my very first fanfic i ever did, so, please, dont hate .
English - Topics: 0 - Since: 07-11-13 - namelesskitten362
In this forum, you can talk about anything involving the K series. Anime, manga, novels, plot, clans, characters, pairings, etc.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 12-13-15 - PhantomWolf64
Mélange improbable de couleur0
Petit endroit de discussion pour parler de nos couples favoris de K-project.
French - Topics: 2 - Since: 07-24-17 - malachaiforever
Sayang Ayah0
Saruhiko begitu menyayangi ayahnya,fushimi Niki.Apapun yang ayahnya parlakukan padanya,dia akan tetap menyayangi ayahnya.Dia mencintai ayahnya.Dia tahu, ayahnya juga menyayanginya walau dengan cara berbeda.Ayahnya adalah segalanya.Apapun itu,Saruhiko mencintai ayahnya.Ayahya adalah pelitanya ,cahaya kelabu dalam kegelapan.
Indonesian - Topics: 0 - Since: 07-22-20 - Earl Holdez
K: Present Past0
Story where main focuses are on Fushimi and Yata
English - Topics: 0 - Since: 03-20-23 - TanakaRen

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