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Animorphs: Can YOU survive?5.6K
This is just your average animorphs RP, but I don't control it, YOU do. Good luck!
English - Topics: 9 - Since: 11-06-09 - Hollytallon
The Animorphs FanFic Lounge FFN Branch513
Right so we have another BRANCH to the Animorphs FanFic Lounge now... :P Anyone can join, and let's talk about anything and everything! Featured are chats about Animorphs, our fics, and RPGs.
English - Topics: 30 - Since: 12-26-05 - Sinister Shadow
Animorph's the storys130
Storys from the animorphs
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 06-16-12 - Prin92cess
NEW Animorph RolePlay38
Create the next, story, generation, or enemies. Create a new Animorph person if you wanna!
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 04-30-06 - Brittany Seville formely GOA
Favorite Animorphs Books33
Which one, of all the sixty five Animorphs books, is your favorite? Post it here!
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 07-01-06 - Glacierclaw
ANIMORPHS Roleplaying Area25
For those that wish to act out some of their favorite scenes. Be it the first attack on the Yeerk Pool, or Ax and his first time acting human. Feel free to make topics and post your heart out. The first topic MUST have a charecter list.
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 02-07-06 - TornadoconDoc
Another Animorphs Roleplay Forum18
Well, everyone else is almost dead at least, right? Both OCs and Canons are accepted here, so knock yourselves out! Not literally, please!
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 09-25-09 - C. Jaxx
Ainmorph Role Play15
You can create your own character if you want also. Contest is up for the parts of the Animorphs! Come have fun with us...
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 01-20-07 - Storm411
Animorphs, Inheritance Character Submission7
In this universe my fellow anifans, I have a central cast of characters which the Animorphs will consist of, but they have the cube meaning that as the story progresses, they will grow in number from just less than half a dozen to four times that number in a short span of time and character creation will be difficult, that is where you come in. Bring to me your Animorphs so they may join the ranks of my own!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 05-17-16 - The Grimwar
Animorphs: The New5
After years of peace among the galaxy, The Yerks are back, and ready to fight anyone for the chance to claim earth as their own. But we have hope. The new generation. -Animorphs Roleplay-
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 01-10-13 - MeadowElder
Animorphs Fanfic Discussion4
Come here to discuss your Animorphs stories.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 04-05-09 - Sciencefictionsquirrel
Yeerks get a bad rep!4
Yeerks have been portrayed as the enemy throughout the series, with a few character exceptions. This is a place to talk about these and ways Yeerks could help humanity.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 08-09-09 - Animorphgirl
Animorphs RolePlay: Not your usual Animorphs RP4
Aximili has been captured by the Visser! As the Animorphs set out to save him, they meet an unexpected ally. Will they rescue Aximili? It's up to you! Roles available: the Animorphs, the Yeerks, theChee, the Ellimist, and others
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 01-10-12 - Meagan Snow
The Cube3
Basically, a discussion board ranging in all sorts of things in the world of Animorphs. Ideas, plots, relationships, anything at all
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 02-12-06 - The Night Lord
Animorph's Challenge Forum3
Any and all challenges can go here, created because I had not seen a forum here for this!have fun!
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 09-30-07 - Rikki Felidae
Animorph RPing2
This is for the Animorphs. We are not role playing Yeerks. You can, however, role play Erek the Chee, the Ellimist, or a new character if you'd like! Make your first thing a bio and we can get started!
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 09-16-06 - The Tate Twins
Animorphs Roleplay2
just seeing if there is any interest in an animorphs roleplay !
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 01-09-17 - RVDLegsTrish
Please click here, I really need to find a fanfic
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 06-16-08 - Lexithiathenewanimorph
Animorphs Theories and Questions1
Here we will explore things about the Animorphs Universe that Katherine Applegate never went into. Deeper aspects of the canon, questions that were never answered and in some cases never even asked. you can discuss fun facts about the lore, fanfiction or fanfiction ideas, and more.
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 09-18-16 - The Grimwar
A Place to discuss Animorphs crossovers and share ideas.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 12-18-05 - Theo O'Malley
Come in to post up info, bloopers if any, or character pairings!
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 12-25-05 - MasterShaper
Title speaks for itself. Any Animorphs rpg, any canon or original characters you want, sticking to canon or AU.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 02-20-06 - Kharina
Birdie num num's Forum0
About my stories, questions I have, my rp site, and all things Visserly!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 11-18-06 - Birdie num num
Animorphs ChallengesPromps0
Challenges or prompts for Animorphs fanfics. Stuck on what to write? Check out the prompts. What to challenge yourself? Check out the challenges. Have an idea but no time to write it? Share it.
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 12-21-15 - RemmyBlack
The sister : part one0
What if Tobias the one if the main charaters in the books anumorph had a twin sister named tongea ? How would that effect the over all story , how would the sacifuce effect their relationships?
English - Topics: 0 - Since: 04-04-21 - Happy4343211
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