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Twlight Club13
Where we talk about all things Twilight and... GUY CLOSETS ARE ACCESIBLE!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 05-03-09 - Xenexian
Promote your fan fics13
I just started writing my first fan fic and I would love some opinions if anyone is interested. I also am looking for new ones to read. So post links of yours or any great ones that you've read. Mine is /s/6164639/1/You Cant Run From Fate
English - Topics: 7 - Since: 08-01-10 - TheLovelyPatronus
My challenge to all twilight fans. Who will defend your favorite books?
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 10-10-10 - Cenobite829
Twilight Role PlayThe Cullens Life13
This is a roleplay in the cullens life. Bella is still human. Set After Eclipse but before Breaking Dawn.
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 04-17-11 - If.I.Die.Young
Starting OverTwilight RP13
Post Breaking Dawn and the Cullens plus Jacob go back to school. Trouble always seems to follow. 100 years later. This is my RP
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 04-19-11 - MissElmo
Twilight Roleplay13
Hi this is my first roleplay and I would love you to be a part of it!
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 12-05-11 - LynxMalfoy
Our Take on a Twilight Forum13
Welcome all to our forum! This is a Twilight forum and it's Co-Created by me and VendiViciVidi. When you join you'll be able to experience the Twilight world like you are actually in it. Vampires, Wolves, Hybrids and MUC's are all welcome! PM us if your interested!
English - Topics: 12 - Since: 08-19-12 - SouthernBeautyx
Dead and the living13
A teenage vampire girl finds out that the person who likes her is a shapeshifter and she is a veggie vampire so she knows that even though they love each other they can not be together. On the other hand in the middle of the story the twins get caught by bad vampires that threaten to kill them so the shapeshifter goes out to save them and brings them Back safely. Vampire girl is in so much pain of not being able to be with the shapeshifter so she asks her friend if her family can borrow her beach house so s
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 12-16-12 - Allison1024
What is your idea of perfection, of hotness, of being beautiful? Vampires are supposed to appealing to humans, but how is perfection defined? Talk about your perfect man or woman.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 05-23-07 - 1stepbehind29
Jacob lovers of the Internet United!12
Place for the Jacob Lovers to hang and chat. For those of you who love Jacob Black as much as I do!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 08-31-07 - Achaya
Twillight Story Ideas and Suggestions12
I want to know what you want to read! I'm a Twilight writer and I'd love to hear what you'd like to see here on ! You will be given full credit for the ideas/suggestions/plot lines/improvements/whatever. Please keep language to a T rating as per site requ
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 12-29-08 - barefootduchess
TwiLigHt RolEplAy12
I love Twilight so i desided to make a roleplaying game welcomes anyone who loves twilight.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 11-29-10 - Edward N Bella 4 Eva
Twilight Fanatics12
This is for anyone who has anything to say about Twilight. Whether you'd like to recomend a Twilight story or advertise your own, here is the place to do it.
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 03-26-12 - TwilightMakesTheWorldGoRound
Twilight Review Tag12
Advertise your Twilight story, get advice, more reviewers, and return the favor by reading and reviewing other authors' stories.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 10-02-12 - BecomingScarlett
Twilight: Shape-Shifters12
Focused on the Shape-Shifters of La Push. (Obviously the Cullens will be in there though, and several others, but mainly on the Shape-shifters) Try it out! It'll be a blast!
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 11-09-12 - Shape-Shifter Gonna Eat You
Twilight: Read - Write - Chat (no roleplays)12
This is for the readers and writers of Twlight fan fiction to chat, ask questions, post contests, writing prompts etc. It is intended as a supportive space within which to get help with detail (be it canon detail, period detail, location detail etc), to share ideas, to share relevant links, or to chat about their latest write/read/project.
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 04-19-18 - Kayozm
Twilight Roleplaying11
Just a place to Role-play with Twilight. I claim Bella. Hehe anyway you can just chat here too.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 07-19-08 - sagecullen
Een Levensgevaarlijke Liefde11
Het eerste Nederlandstalige "Twilight"-Forum. Van de ontleding van de personages tot wat mogelijke FanFictionVerhalen worden. Welkom!
Dutch - Topics: 1 - Since: 03-30-09 - CeliaLauna
Co Writer Search11
If you're looking for a Co-Writer for Twilight Fan Fics, come here.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 06-06-09 - FizzLion
Twilight Roleplay!11
It's A Twilight Roleplay! Set after Breaking Dawn,At First I will just be looking for the ,Cullens and Werewolves but once those spaces are filled I I will then Be looking for other spots. If you want to play other Characters Before all Spaces are filled
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 07-30-10 - Blackrosesawait
The Literati11
Need some reviews for your Twilight story? Want some tips and tricks on how to become a star name on Fanfiction? This is the place for you! Engage in the games and contests, chat among other people, and best of all: Get a couple dozen reviews!
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 03-11-11 - xXxFlameOf-TheFanxXx
Twilight fan Role Play11
Twilight fans can role play... Very few rules. Advertise your stories and participate actively in the forum.
English - Topics: 9 - Since: 06-25-12 - XHeIsMineTilMyLastDayX
Want to win an award for your fanfiction?10
Have a chance to nominate your favorite even if it's your own fan fiction! Have people vote and have the judges vote and you can win major bragging rights and awards! Here's the site: awards[dot]volturi[dot]org[slash]intro[dot]htm Have fun!
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 01-23-07 - Mimblewimble
All about Twilight!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 02-20-07 - Cammy Cullen
Twilight Roleplay AH!10
This twilight in the real world where everyone is human.With canon pairings so in this forum let there be drama but keep the couples together. Pm me to say who u want to be .Sooooooooo...on with it!
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 12-24-10 - princessofsmiles
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