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Avatar: The Last Airbender RP182
Create your character and travel throughout the four nations with benders from all over the world!
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 03-12-11 - HearMeRwoar
Mai and Zuko171
Is there ANYBODY out there 'cept me that actually suppourts this pairing?
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 05-21-06 - felicia19
IllGotten Goods: The Forum168
Official forum for the story "Ill-Gotten Goods". I'm so guilt-wracked over having no way to keep my readers updated between chapters that I created a forum just for that purpose! But you can use it to chat with me or with each other, too.
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 05-20-12 - Taa
Tales from Republic City158
Takes place 70 years after the Legend of Korra series. Technology is closing the gaps between the benders and non benders, but after the death of Avatar Korra, another Avatar has yet to be born. Peace has settled throughout the land but crime is common in the Republic City as the divide between the rich and poor grow wider and civil unrest festers.
English - Topics: 8 - Since: 10-10-14 - ResidentEvilChris
What We All Wanted153
Firelord Azulon made a critical error and the time for the world to strike back finally came. On the day of the eclipse the United Water Tribes and the Earth Kingdoms struck deep into the heart of the Fire Nation. Now the Fire Nation government is in exile, and its subjects live under the iron fist of Long Feng. Can conquerors be heroes?
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 09-19-17 - Princess Claire Fey
Breaking Barriers: An Avatar the Last Airbender RP151
Finally, the war raging against the fire nation has ended, thanks to the return of the Avatar. But now, each nation, in ruin or in glory, must rise above what has set them apart for years and become one. Not only is the new world faced with rebuilding its
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 08-08-11 - Darling Dai
Shipping War roleplay145
War! After seeing the trailer for Book 3: Fire. The 2 most powerful ships, the Zutaran Empire and the Kataangian Republic are at it again. Having allied with TaangSukka and MaikoSotoph and other ships the war is about to begin. NOTE: THIS IS A JOKE!
English - Topics: 7 - Since: 08-13-07 - Guardian of Atlantis
Avatar: The Legend of Korra143
It's been 75 years since Sozin's War ended. Aang and everyone else died and there is a new Avatar named Korra. Korra is from the Southern Water tribe and must go to Republic City to learn airbending and undo the chaos that fills the city.
English - Topics: 7 - Since: 12-14-10 - S.Silver 360
The Neutralist Nation141
Sick and tired of those arguments over pairings? Just looking to get away from it all? Then come to The Neutralist Nation. Where all we want to do is talk to each other and laugh at those over obsessive shippers.
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 01-20-06 - goldfish demon
Avatar: War of the Four Elements137
Welcome to the world of Avatar. Its a new world caught in the cross fires of a war between the Earth kingdom and the Fire Nation. At this time no Avatar has come forward to help settle things so it's up to us. The Air kingdom and water tribes to figure out what to do. This is an RP so picky our element and if you can bend or not and join in on the action!
English - Topics: 11 - Since: 09-15-12 - jalan atthirari anni x3
Harmony Amidst Diversity135
An Avatar forum that embraces all Avatar pairings, canon or crack. It's time for a forum that can both accommodate lovers of various pairings and shatter the ridiculous notion that certain pairings are superior and should be the only ones that exist.
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 04-13-09 - Silver-hair Angel
What if - Avatar 3 Generations133
The Equalists manipulate time. Aang, his friends and characters' from the first generation travel forward in time 70 years after The Hundred Year War. When they meet their families, Korra and her friends, what will happened? Which secrets were kept and taken to the grave with their supposed deaths? Will they go back to the time they belong, or be stuck in the future until they die? What is the Equalists and Amon's plan with this? ATLA/LOK crossover of sorts. Language is English.
Chinese - Topics: 8 - Since: 10-31-15 - Lilith Luna Shadows
Avatar: The Last Airbender Challenge Forum127
A Forum where you can challenge your fellow writers or accept one to participant in.
English - Topics: 33 - Since: 01-04-06 - Evilevergreen
Avatar the last rpg124
Control your own air,water,earth or fire bender and try to take over every nation in headed battle! 3 Oh yeah and feel free to make your own topic
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 08-28-10 - Gerbilmon
To Be Cast Adrift Forum114
A place for those reading, following and reviewing "To Be Cast Adrift" to talk about anything from the Who's who of the OCs to possible ideas of where the story will eventually go.
English - Topics: 24 - Since: 12-06-14 - PhantomChajo
Avatar and Sonic Universe106
Be you Sonic or Avatar OCs! Or Role play as a character. Come chat and have great fun!
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 07-31-10 - OhGodNoNoMoreCandles
Avatar: Smoke and Mirrors105
Role-Play and chat.
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 06-15-10 - Riishine
Where is the Avatar?105
It's been 17 years since the death of Avatar Korra. There is a new unrest growing among non-benders and there are rumors of a new group fighting for their rights, Neo Equalists, and the benders are becoming hostile. Where is the new Avatar when you need him?
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 07-05-12 - The Major Kusanagi
Avatar:TLA Rp93
Come play with us kids...
English - Topics: 11 - Since: 02-28-12 - Raikissu
Avatar: Facing a Changing World90
A hundred and fifty years sense facing the death of Avatar Korra a new Water tribe avatar was born. The world has advanced and in many ways now is advanced as the modern age. Television, phones, new Satomobiles and more but the need for balance among the elements is needed now more then ever.
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 05-28-18 - Abyssal Knight
Avatar en Español87
Un sitio para que las personas latinas comentemos acerca de Avatar, la Leyenda de Aang, en nuestro idioma natal. Los personajes, capítulos, criaturas, las Cuatro Naciones, Kataang, Zuatara ¡De todo se puede hablar!
Spanish - Topics: 10 - Since: 02-15-11 - Nefertari Queen
Avatar RP86
Avatar Role Play probably set at different times. mods haven't decided.
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 02-26-10 - monkeysatemyhomework0.o
POLLS! POLLS! POLLS! Usually about: The best fic, The best funniest fic, The best author, The best funniest author, The best dramatic fic and you know stuff like that. :D Other things aside from polls are also okay but polls are encouraged ;
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 09-06-11 - Artistically Creative
We Stand Together! An Avatar Shipping Community66
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 12-07-08 - Interfuge
Cactus Juice Inc66
I am not sure if this forum will have roleplay or not yet. I think it will mostly be obsessed fans talking about the show and different episodes. I love the show but the movie was unacceptable and if you liked it you cannot join.
English - Topics: 3 - Since: 03-18-14 - nuttellaangel
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