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DC: A Brave New World6.3K
40 years after a invasion that saw the fall of the original Justice League and the rise of government paranoid of meta-humans, the world is still rebuilding with Gotham rebuilt atop its ruins as New Gotham and Metropolis becoming a walled off utopia. Regardless of what the public think, the world still needs heroes.
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Private RPs1.5K
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DC Elseworlds43
Welcome everybody who likes DC Elseworlds! You can talk about comic books, alternate worlds and alternate versions of DC characters, and discuss Elseworlds fanfiction.
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Send in your OCs.
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There's A Universe for That16
You want an RP with a serious plot? There's a universe for that. You want an RP that is a parody of all the hero's and it's just jokes? There's a Universe for that. You want an RP for your favorite ships? There's Always Universes for That. So come join us.
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Gotham Noir: Tales from the Streets1
Gotham g th m : 1. City of Gotham, on the United States Eastern Seaboard, in the state of New Jersey. 2. Nickname for 16th Century English town of Nottingham, renowned for its Wise Fools. … Noir nwär : 1. Of or relating to a genre of crime literature f
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