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This forum is dead and locked, but feel free to browse through it XD
English - Topics: 8 - Since: 07-16-12 - theonlineidofme
Shake It Up! Role Play712
Experience the life of CeCe and Rocky or make up your own. Role Play
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 01-01-11 - MelRoseAn
Shake It Up! Roll Play!686
Claim Characters, Or Make Your Own! Have Fun And Interact With Others! Have Fun! :D
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 01-06-13 - Shoyocchis
The First Shake It Up Forum!197
Everything about Shake It Up! Favorite characters, favorite episodes, favorite stories, roleplays, new ideas...
English - Topics: 8 - Since: 11-19-10 - CuttieGirll57
Shake It Up RPG!65
For everyone who loves the awesome show Shake It Up! Not just an RP but a chat about the awesome show, it's cast and so much more! Everyone's welcome in so come join in on the fun!
English - Topics: 6 - Since: 05-09-11 - Commandant Lupus Ignis
Shake it Up Pairings!46
Place 2 discuss Shake it up Pairings. No Femslash! Sorrry.
English - Topics: 5 - Since: 01-21-11 - Redruler
CeCe and Rocky: femslash and friendship18
A place for all fans of CeCe and Rocky as a couple. Everything from episode subtext and character discussions, to favorite fanfics and more. It's all welcome here. Just no ship bashing or flames.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 12-04-10 - GrimSage
Big times RP12
Pretty much what the Name implies, a roleplay about what would happen if Rocky and Cece made it to the big times. I will accept SOME OCs.
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 01-01-13 - Masterclass MC
Prompting You!8
This forum will host challenges for writers. Come and see if you can put your skills to the test.
English - Topics: 4 - Since: 06-30-12 - QueenyLeAcH
DeCe! Deuce&Cee 334
Here To Talk GOOD Things About This Couple. :D
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 06-25-11 - makkachin
The Hessenheffers!3
A place to discuss the glitziest, most fabulous twins on Disney since Sharpay and Ryan Evans!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 09-29-11 - venefxcia
Love don't cost a thing0
Cece Jones feels like every boy is trying to buy her love. But one foreign boy who she knew for a long time, catches her eye loves her for who she is.
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 04-05-12 - Naomigirl15
All Things Shake It Up0
A forum for all things SIU!
English - Topics: 2 - Since: 12-23-12 - d.vamainowo
Too Close0
What if Deuce liked Rocky before he started dating Dina? Lets just say he asked her out but she turned him down so he moves on. Will rocky realize she has feelings for him? Meanwhile, Cece gets a part in the school play but her love entrance is her worst frenemie...
English - Topics: 1 - Since: 12-25-12 - bellasharp9

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