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3Legacy Secrets » by Cosmo NovaHill Aaron has just saved Marta from her house and learned that he could be viraled off all chems. He has one small problem. He has no chems left. Marta knows where he can get some chems, but its a dark secret that the government has no idea exists. What is this secret? Will he be okay with what he learns? -R&R-
K, English, Family, chapters: 4, words: 5k+, favs: 1, follows: 7, updated: 10/28/2013 published: 8/22/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
9Being Human » by JasminSilver He should have been careful, but he hadn't. He was in mission, he could not afford to become distracted, yet he had let her catch his eye. Dammit, he knew better! He had survived for days alone in the wild, he had tracked criminal, he had killed more than he cared to count and yet, he had made a rookie mistake. Tust no one, never let your guard down. Might become M later.
T, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 11, words: 20k+, favs: 10, follows: 16, updated: 10/17/2013 published: 10/16/2012, Aaron C./Kenneth K.
7Bourne vs Cross » by SECUREZONEICON A One shot depicting my thoughts on the question. Who would win Jason or Arron
T, English, Adventure, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 10, follows: 3, updated: 10/10/2013 published: 10/19/2012, Aaron C./Kenneth K., J. Bourne/David W./Delta/Cain
5 Fire and Rain by Maireban Aaron Cross hovers between waking and dreaming, between the desert of Kenneth's memory and the unknown ocean of Aaron's new world. His only lifeline is the hand of a dark-haired doctor.
T, English, Drama & Hurt/Comfort, words: 1k+, favs: 3, follows: 1, 9/17/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
9 clinical by finaljoy Marta doesn't understand at first why the other doctors are so cold, so distant. She doesn't understand why they don't look at the participants as people. Then some of 5's sorrow and fire slips into her soul, and Marta realizes that it's better to stay frozen and distant. If she doesn't, she'll never be able to get through the day.
T, English, Angst & Sci-Fi, words: 4k+, favs: 14, follows: 2, 9/16/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
might yet find grace by arsenous elation the prayer leaves her memory when she needs it the most. —Marta S., Eric B.—
K+, English, Drama, words: 384, follows: 1, 8/26/2013, E. Byer, Marta S.
41The Bourne Involution » by Kate Moore Not all Outcome Agents were given a number; one was called Outcome X. She was their greatest asset until she slipped out of their hands. But she can still be used to end Aaron Cross. Marta Shearing is Outcome X, and she's destined to kill the man who has become so much more than "Five." Together they are strong, yet together they must fall …a sequel to "The Bourne Legacy."
T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 14, words: 24k+, favs: 21, follows: 34, updated: 8/16/2013 published: 3/23/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S., E. Byer
6 Battle of the Mind by crimescenelover This is the story of how Kenneth Kitsom died and Aaron Cross came to be.
T, English, Angst, words: 3k+, favs: 6, follows: 1, 8/1/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K.
53To Save a Life » by E.M.Bryant97 Shaken but not defeated, Aaron and Marta are free from Eric Byer's maddening schemes- for now, that is. Now, as they learn more about each other, they have the future to face. Back at Outcome, the truth begins to spread like wildfire. Amidst the escalated passion and romance, one word is sparking across the world: Revolution.
T, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 17, words: 44k+, favs: 29, follows: 55, updated: 7/7/2013 published: 9/8/2012, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
99Extreme ways » by Arissab He wondered if she understood what she was doing. She wasn't choosing a life on the run: she was choosing him. I do not own any of the characters.
T, English, Romance & Adventure, chapters: 19, words: 54k+, favs: 47, follows: 83, updated: 7/2/2013 published: 4/8/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
2Beginnings » by Badr Part-novelization of the first scenes of Identity, part-speculative exploring the time Bourne spent on the fishing boat. How did he spend the first few days or weeks getting to know himself again? Draws some inspiration from the book.
K+, English, chapters: 4, words: 5k+, follows: 1, 6/23/2013
2Transition by zandra-x How Aaron Cross got to where he was.
K, English, words: 758, favs: 2, follows: 1, 6/14/2013
4 Stay by shila1378 His chosen life was all that he knew. There was nothing left for him from his past life. He only lived for the future. He willingly sacrificed all for the future. The only time that he felt remotely human was with her even if she hardly gave him a second glance.
K, English, words: 1k+, favs: 5, follows: 1, 6/4/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
1Never Just One » by jlr125 "Did you know her?" Marta asked, looking at the name on the fake ID. Aaron looked at her questioningly. "June Monroe?" Cross sighed and went back to his business. "Not anymore."
T, English, Adventure & Drama, chapters: 3, words: 2k+, favs: 5, follows: 5, updated: 5/27/2013 published: 2/9/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K.
3 Penrose Steps by Sa'Kage Sentences in Jason and Kirill's relationship. Jason/Kirill
T, English, Romance & Drama, words: 2k+, favs: 16, follows: 6, 5/27/2013, J. Bourne/David W./Delta/Cain, Kirill
5 Bourne Trilogy by Alightinthisworld My brother wrote this. I can take no credit for it. I wondered what other people would think of it, so I decided to put it up here. I hope you enjoy it!
K+, English, Adventure & Mystery, words: 615, favs: 4, follows: 3, 5/20/2013, J. Bourne/David W./Delta/Cain, Nicky P., Pamela L., Marie St. Jacques Webb/Kreutz
9 Escape From Johannesburg by ladygris They've been living happily for six months. Now, Byer's found them, and they're forced to put their lives in danger just to stay alive. Sequel to Christmas In Sydney and prequel to Two Worlds Apart.
T, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, words: 5k+, favs: 20, follows: 2, 4/29/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
63 Long Journey Home » by anna becker Eighteen months following Dark Waters, Lily is just surviving. What do you do when you see the one person you love more that life it self, disappear over the edge of a cliff? What do you do when he shows back up with no memory of who he is and with new orders to kill her? What do you do when you are trapped together on a mountain and a long thought dead enemy shows back up?
T, English, Suspense & Romance, chapters: 18, words: 20k+, favs: 27, follows: 21, updated: 4/20/2013 published: 2/4/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., OC
167 Two Worlds Apart » by ladygris Three years after Bourne Legacy, Aaron and Marta have brought down Outcome and its sister programs. Aaron tracks down Jason Bourne and brings him home. As he tries to balance his two worlds, he and Marta grow apart. Then, an old enemy returns, one who will use any leverage they can to capture the elusive Outcome 5. Aaron/Marta, Jason/Nicky
T, English, Angst & Romance, chapters: 18, words: 84k+, favs: 118, follows: 65, updated: 3/11/2013 published: 1/14/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., J. Bourne/David W./Delta/Cain
28Number Six » by S. A. L. Stratton What if Aaron hadn't met Peter Boyd, or Number Three, up in the log cabin in Alaska? What if Marta Shearing had died in the lab attack? Things would be different. Aaron meets Agent Six, or Dr Eliza Taylor, a scientist who'd worked on the chems, before she was turned into a unwilling killing machine. Eliza and Aaron fight for the answers they want, and a life they deserve. Aaron/OC
T, English, Adventure & Romance, chapters: 4, words: 19k+, favs: 67, follows: 85, updated: 3/9/2013 published: 12/9/2012, [Aaron C./Kenneth K., OC]
109 Never alone » by Cindy Ryan Spoilers for the Bourne Legacy. All they had was each other. Aaron/Marta
K+, English, Hurt/Comfort & Romance, chapters: 16, words: 17k+, favs: 80, follows: 100, updated: 3/8/2013 published: 8/16/2012, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
49 Melting Points » by ProneToWander "What was it like?" she whispers. "Your life, before the chems. Your mind, your thoughts." A collection of "missing" scenes from The Bourne Legacy, Marta's point of view.
T, English, Drama, chapters: 5, words: 7k+, favs: 47, follows: 22, updated: 2/22/2013 published: 1/31/2013, Marta S., Aaron C./Kenneth K.
4 Clipped Wings by NeverMineToHold What if the chems had worn off sooner? AU
T, English, Angst & Drama, words: 1k+, favs: 7, follows: 1, 2/19/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., E. Byer
4 Mission forcée by duneline Aaron est mis devant un choix dangereux...Slash/Yaoi.
K, French, Adventure & Romance, words: 735, favs: 3, follows: 1, 2/16/2013, J. Bourne/David W./Delta/Cain, Aaron C./Kenneth K.
9Torn Apart » by LaylaBrewer 'He's ok, he's ok.' She kept thinking trying to reassure herself. With all her might she kept the door closed, knowing that if she opened it she would only make matters worse. But this was killing her, she didn't want to lose him, she loved him... 'BANG' Another gun shot... Will Aaron fall into the trap and doom them both? Based off the bourne Legacy :) Please R&R Charlie xXx
T, English, Romance & Drama, chapters: 2, words: 2k+, favs: 5, follows: 15, updated: 2/15/2013 published: 2/8/2013, Aaron C./Kenneth K., Marta S.
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