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10/24/2018 c4 Rosebloodlust
Wow! Love your creativity. Hope you can update soon. Also if I may gave suggestion please make a new character which is a fenale vampire as maka's meister and also make maka more powerful like having a demon or vampire form since I think that it can be creative considering I have read a fanfiction that is titled "Still a better story then twilight" which is about Maka being a Dhampire and it is really creative too. Make maka a vampire or a demon as long as it is badass and epic. I like imagination alot,,,Please do update.
9/10/2018 c4 KiMa
Please update the story is amazing ️
9/10/2017 c4 angelisahen.05
Were the next story
4/24/2017 c4 Guest
Could you please put out another chapter.
4/24/2017 c2 Guest
I agree she is a little bit to nice.
1/26/2017 c1 Guest
Update please.
11/25/2016 c4 Guest
I love the story so far keep up the good work! But not to be rude Grey from Fairy Tail is spelled Gray.
8/24/2016 c4 Swaiden Dragneel
I love the story please make the new chapter PLEASE
6/26/2016 c4 Guest
U should really update, im in love with this story XD
1/3/2016 c4 felipe.jasmin
KidXMaka 4ever
9/18/2015 c2 LOLLLLLL
I BURST OUT LAUGHING WHEN PATTY WAS LIKE "SHES BACK BITCHES"! XD i really hope this gets continued even tho it has 2 more chapters thats it ;-; *cries*
8/3/2015 c4 Guest
In love with this story please update!
6/27/2015 c4 Guest
Are you going to up date it ever ive been waiting
6/19/2015 c4 Guest
Dude u need to update this. I'm probably too late but SCREW IT. UPDAATE
2/23/2015 c4 3Unraveling E's Soul
Update pls
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