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10/29/2022 c1 3RCKBNFSK
You captured Castle perfectly. I can so see him saying everything that you wrote. Nice job!
12/3/2016 c1 Guest
So cute, thank you :)
5/18/2015 c1 9skruff
Wow this was actually really good. Short but sweet. And surprisingly, it created quite a few different emotions. Wow,
I really, really liked it
10/9/2014 c1 Kaitlyn0415
Okay... No. You aren't allowed to do that. It's too early in the morning for heart wrenching stories. Ah. That's was incredibly perfect. And now I'll be dreaming of little blue eyes brunettes for them :). That was amazing. Great story.
4/7/2014 c1 25Love2readaway
This is so simple and yet so full of love and devotion and adoration that it's BEAUTIFUL. I loved it :)
1/8/2014 c1 41Ky03elk
I don't normally read such short or in the first person fic, but you did it really sweet, all the things they could have missed.
1/7/2014 c1 elizabeth.bynog
Nicely done.
1/7/2014 c1 19wendykw
Wow. What a debut fic!

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