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2/1/2016 c10 xNonexistentx
yes fuyu should have a weapon
2/1/2016 c8 xNonexistentx
why don't you make it harem
1/15/2015 c10 6Riomi-senpai
How about a yo yo?
8/6/2014 c10 NarupokeeAurorafan
Not really I also adore 7227 :D ! Weird but I never heard of 8080 :) ?! It's a pairing that does make sense if I think about it . Learn something new every day lol :) . Please update soon bye
4/24/2014 c8 Mystery Reviewer
Yay an update FINALLY! I was wondering when you would update again. 80oc27 of course. Please update soon or I will send you angry and annoying reviews every week.
- Your sweet, dedicated, impatient reader,
Mystery Reviewer
4/24/2014 c8 Aliceyuky
80oc27 paring. It is good and can you continue it. Good story
3/3/2014 c1 58MinaNaru4ever - 8027forever

This is actually the first time I read a story with OC pairing. I tend to avoid it cause usually it involves a girl OC. Not fond of hetero pairing here. Anyway, back to the story again.

My overall impression after reading this story is I'm disappointed. That is because I'm a hardcore 8027 fan here. I've read the warning. It did say about oc pairings and 8027. But I was expecting the 8027 part to be a bit more apparent. But I was wrong.

It's all about the OC here. To me, it feels like you were portraying yourself as the OC and you did it all with both Yama and Tsuna. And the 8027 part is like none. It doesn't seem like there's 8027 at all, you know. Like, Yama and Tsuna don't seem to have any feelings to each other. It's more like Fuyu and Tsuna then Fuyu and Yama. And it kind of makes me sad, seeing no 8027 at all. Yama and Tsuna must be your fave chars, eh?

Well, while it's true that nothing's wrong in that, but to me, it is something that's rather unacceptable, something that I'd say as a form of a desperate manner. It is clearly my very own opinion, it is how I view a story with OC pairings in it. So overall, I was disappointed at the whole idea (and how you separate Yama and Tsuna)

Aside from that, let me talk about your writing. The way you write a story (and a lime) is actually quite good. I don't know much bout grammars, so I won't be dealing on that. I like the whole smexiness you put on the lime, but I think you can be more descriptive than that. It was good. Though it was pretty much pwp (well I happen to like pwp) I like how you set the mood in it, how it's step-by-step increasing. The hotness. That's a good trait.

The lime was a little bit too fast though. The part when you put a blowing scene and the climax scene should be longer. The climax was a bit too premature, like the way you described ejaculation scene. It should be described more. My other problem in your story is how you put dialogues in between lines. I don't know how you view it on a computer, but in a mobile ver, it's troubling. Just add some line break in between. Oh and talking about line breaks, you should actually put the actual line using the 'insert horizontal line' on doc manager. You might also want to make the title and sub-title to be more structured too, like put it on center.

Anyway, I ranted a lot. Haha. Sorry if it comes out offensive but that's how I really view about OC pairings and I really like 8027 pairing. It's my forever pairing, soooo yeah.


1/14/2014 c3 Guest
Wow, Onii-san is unforgivable. How he can do that to Fuyu-can? Please get someone make Fuyu-chan happy and please make thay are Tsuna-chan and please please.
I love you so let update soon. OK?
1/15/2014 c1 3Procrastinatingismyforte
My my, fuyu-kun is quite the pervert, only on chapter 1?
1/8/2014 c2 khrfan
I don't usually read fanfics with OCs but I actually find Fuyu really interesting! I really liked him with Tsuna and Yamamoto... now I'm waiting to see what he'll do with Gokudera, hehe. Can't wait to read more. Great job so far!

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