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8/2 c50 19chinaluv
Go mai-lin!
7/12 c50 Mogor
Please write more chapter of Kyoshi.
7/12 c1 2Genocideshinobi
This is a bit sad. I've forgotten what happened and who all these characters were. It took me a while to remember sun. Either way. It's an amazing story. Good job
7/11 c50 1Skud PaiSho
Congrats on chapter 50! Keep up the good work! Loving every word! Let me know if you want to get in touch and get a Kyoshi-writing accountability thing going; I know I need it.
7/11 c50 56erica.phoenix16
Thanks for updating. :)
7/4 c5 erica.phoenix16
Please update soon.
7/2 c49 palaeomancer
I read this back in the day, and I just recently returned to it. God DAMN you tell a compelling story. The best Avatar fanfiction I know of!
6/26 c4 erica.phoenix16
Please update soon.
3/25 c49 erica.phoenix16

I was almost worried that you abandoned this story.

This chapter more than makes up for it.

Thanks for updating. :)
3/24 c49 Kuma Dzurui
Super awesome to have you back. It's awesome to read a new chapter and i eagerly await the next one.
3/24 c49 2Genocideshinobi
We missed you
3/23 c49 1Skud PaiSho
Without caps lock there is no way to express how great it was to see another chapter of this! Keep them coming!
3/16 c3 56erica.phoenix16
Please update soon.
1/14 c1 1Skud PaiSho
So tempted to start re-reading this again... Hope you come back to it soon!
12/29/2016 c48 12Dante Alighieri1308
well, it took a while to update but i'm glad you did. Sorry it's been a while.

Poor Mai-Lin. Still good to get her backstory though! interested in what happens next!
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