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for The Rise of a Dragon

6/11 c60 2Angryhenry
Treya is gonna be jealous!
5/23 c60 Guest
I'm good over here plasnix! Just barely staying sane like u said in this crazy world we live in. I hope everything well for u. I'll be patiently Waiting for an update, best of luck to u and ur family may u stay safe..
5/21 c28 Guest
Good god this chapter ended... I thought I was going to die of the cringe in this chapter.
5/21 c23 Guest
The drama is sickening.
5/15 c60 Skull Flame
I liked the conversation between Natsu and Ikaruga. It was enlightening, and I have a penchant for that kind of moments.
5/13 c60 Rajo
It's good to have o back! Hope you're doing well over there.

This chapter was all kinds of fun. Jealous Treya being made fun of was delightful to read(Callan disagrees, I'm sure) and the wonderful ball of energy that is Mero would be a great addition to this group of oddballs.
Have to say, getting a bit more backstory on Callan was pretty cool. Also, and I'm sure I've said it before, frostman is a true bro.
I do hope Natsu and Mero remember each other quickly in this one. It does feel like the perfect moment to bring some happiness to our pi- er...I mean...salmon-headed man.
5/10 c60 FT-Fan
Sadly not interested in Natsu internal moral struggle anymore...Got more curious about the strongest Lost Dragon Slayer and his element cuz you have set a really high bar Callan is a Blizzard DS, Treya is a deadly Crystal DS, Mero is a Nightfall DS and Natsu is a very powerful Azure DS, so that Angelo dude gotta be on God Serena level then...
5/10 c60 ikusatsunagi
Thx for another great chapter
5/10 c60 BlackDragonShinigami
this is a much better team up for natsu
5/10 c60 Death's-Touch
glad u r back
5/10 c60 Death's-Touch
thought thus story was abandoned
5/9 c60 28Imperial-samaB
Well this is getting interesting
5/9 c60 2Striken
Glad to this updated, love reading your fics. I look forward to the next chapter.
5/9 c60 Dudeitschill
Loved this chapter treya is so dam funny when she gets all jealous. Can’t wait to read more this is hands down one of the best fairy tail fics ever
5/9 c60 Wadeparker
Amazing chapter so well written
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