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for The Rise of a Dragon

4/13/2020 c56 brywallace03
Can’t wait for the next update update my friend.
4/5/2020 c16 AshBladeHentai
Damn this is a masterpiece and definitely needs to be read. And incredible job Author-san and keep up the amazing job you've done so far
4/3/2020 c56 Guest
Heyy what's up plasnix, I'm hoping ur dg alright because this virus out there is no joke. All I wanted to say is be safe out there cauz idk about other readers out there but ur my most important author out there so stay safe..
4/1/2020 c1 Guest
Please make chapter 57
4/3/2020 c56 BlackDragonShinigami
3/31/2020 c56 Guest
Please update it's getting good
4/2/2020 c30 LuluViBritania
seriously neither the petrification or the barrier can resist Natsus Magic draining fire i seriously hope you dont make Natsu Convienetly forget that crucial detail for the sake of the canon plot
4/1/2020 c25 LuluViBritania
i'm curious as to who she wants to kill to get revenge at this point in time her brother is still alive in the Tower of Heaven and since she has yet to meet Millianna she doesnt even know where he is.
3/28/2020 c55 Mega Arcanine
Hey just wanted to say i love this Story. Dont wanna be to Personal but my life sometimes sucks ass but now i lying at 2 pm in my bed reading the last three chapters laughing and crying. You help me through hard Times and i am thankful for that cant wait for the next chapter
3/28/2020 c56 gerson
I see you updated I'm glad you are doing fine in this crazy world of ours right now and hope you stay safe. I think he decided he kept the flame alive for him to feel the pit-pat(doki doki, beat-beat, the boner he got) to happen! Yes I ship the both of them like a storm!
3/28/2020 c56 JCarrasco
Keep it up I love this story please.
3/25/2020 c56 Guest
Can you please update you left it in a cliffhanger
3/25/2020 c56 2Mistico15
My god! Another amazing chapter. The way you develop your version of Natsu and OC’s are amazingly well done. With this Natsu x Treya moment made it really good. The development between the relationship is so nice.

Natsu development of him opening up more is greatly showing and I can’t wait for more of it.

The cliffhanger, oof, I hate you soo much, haha. When the interesting part was about to come. I can’t wait for next chapter now. I hope its right around the corner, but still with Grey and Erza interjecting the group was interesting to see, and their conversation with Natsu is gonna be crazy i bet. I do love the idea of you having Treya staying behind with him, I wonder how things are gonna pop off then haha.

Honestly, imo, I do believe that Grey and Erza should tag along with Natsu and his squad to truly understand the outside world. Cause it makes sense, to understand someone you need to walk in their shoes. And I feel this mission could help them realize that. Cause as of right now, Natsu has iffy feelings with Erza and Grey, no one else from the guild. So I feel like Grey and Erza gotta go with them.

I would like Wendy to tag along as well. Just for her to grow more of her character. But that’s more so a wish for me haha. Although I could understand why you wouldn’t want to add more people to the group. I think it could be difficult just to try to jumble everyone in the group and making sure each one are in the chapter in some way or another. But I do want Erza and Grey to tag along, but if not I wonder how you gonna spin this. You catch me by surprised with your ideas so can’t wait, hopefully soon.
3/25/2020 c56 erasenpai946
I liked to see that Natsu and Treya took a step forward in the relationship
of them (Natsu was always boring her away) and I want to see how the relationship between Natsu and Erza will evolve after the episode with Jellal (I thought it was very good that he didn’t forgive Jellal like that out of the blue) that will damage the relationship between her and Natsu ?, I hope not
3/25/2020 c56 2DdraigTrueEmperor9
This was a fun and emotional chapter.
Many writers create their own characters yet doesn't know how to effectively use them, yet you has managed to integrate them to the point that they are as important as canon characters.

I honestly think that Treya is the perfect girl for this Natsu, she supports and accept him unconditionally, something that cannot be said about some of his friends especially in Fairy Tail Guild.
Had to say that I found extremely hilarious how Callan sold Natsu virginity simply to have Treya stop bothering him for the rest of the trip.

Seems that Treya and Ikaruga are going to be at each other throat during the entire trip.

Wonder what Gray and Erza want from Natsu, hopefully they aren't going to judge or berate him due to how different they see things.

Stay safe and until the next chapter.
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