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7/21/2020 c18 Voltrasin
How did Lucy get Virgo?
7/19/2020 c58 4King-Madrid69
Please keep the Natsu-FairyTail situation going because I really enjoy it. I think that it DOES fit into the narrative because we’re constantly reminded of what kind of person Natsu is which makes him keep his distance from the guild. Their lifestyles are just too different just for Fairy Tail just to accept Natsu’s ideals right away. With many outsiders questioning Natsu’s stay with Fairy Tail makes it too big to ignore. I think this will claw Natsu’s mind to the point where he won’t even show up at Fairy Tail considering NO ONE who knows of his past shows their support. Maybe that will push him to just leave guild entirely considering Gray and Erza are trying to change (or alter) his way of life. Even Makarov won’t be able to get Natsu to open up considering he’s rarely even interacting with the master himself. Natsu is already a foot into the grave at the least and Fairy Tail will have to try a lot harder if they keep going the way Erza and Gray have tried the first time
7/14/2020 c45 erasenpai946
These Fairy Tail people live in their own little world where everyone is nice (which irritates me in the manga) they seem to know nothing about the world, I still hope Natsu will tell some truths about their exaggeratingly disruptive behavior in some chapter in the future .

PS: I can't stand this drama of Erza with Jellal, in the manga everyone just forgot what he did in the past and lost him (when he was influenced by Ultear, he was not controlled by her he did everything because he thought it was Zeref ) until Kagura who had his brother killed by him (forgot) just for the author to push for readers Like it or not (I don't know how some people like it) this horrendous thing called Jerza I really don't understand why Erza is protecting the guy that was the root of her suffering and still seems to want to force Natsu to like the guy it takes me a little bit seriously
6/25/2020 c55 Snake551g
I have to say this just show fairy tail what jelial did along with black rift give them no room to argue bring it people that ha e suffered at the hands of people who were spared. simply stop this pussyfooting around some childish morales that everyone is redeemable and move past that already
6/23/2020 c57 Guest
Can you keep up with chapter 59
6/22/2020 c58 Rajo
So...finally found the time to reread your FT stories, had forgotten how much I loved your characters.
It's good to finally have Mero in this one...she's just so damn adorable. I died laughing at her antics in Flames of Destiny, specially how she utterly crumbled Treya's emotionless demeanor.
Really looking forward to see how Mero and Natsu will remember their history together in this one.
Treya is still best girl. Moments where she puts aside her horniess for a more heart to heart (like chapter in 56) are just so beautiful.
Ikaruga is interesting addition to the table. I do look forward to seeing what you plan to do with her.
Callan and Natsu have developed some kind of broship bond that I think is super cool (no pun intended).
Flare is just a cinnamon bun of cuteness and innocence. Take heart and don't let Treya horniness corrupt you girl!

As far as the whole Natsu-FairyTail deal...I think it was a bit dramatic. Not the issue at hand, but how and where they discussed it. I lean more toward Natsu view of the situation, some people just don't care or want to change for the better and will just come back to haunt you again. His view is not always right though, as not jumping to the kill is what allowed him to gather all theses LDS after all.
I do agree with you that the Jellal situation was absolute hot garbage in canon. I don't mind Jellal getting a redemption and Erza coming to love him again...but the way they did it was just...urgh.
Erza should only even begin to forgive Jellal after she gets the full story (meaning, Ultear's involvement as well as the past that caused her to do it) and Jellal remembers what he did and apologizes with full acceptance that he may not deserve forgiveness.
6/21/2020 c12 12Gold Testament
*Holds up a sign saying "Aye") Mira with her spontaneous personality and a sexy bod is a frightening combination.
6/21/2020 c10 Gold Testament
6/20/2020 c58 Skull Flame
- So Mero is as cute as strong. Quite the combination.
- Treya is a funny character.
- So now there's a competition for who is more fitting to have Natsu's child. You do that kind of scenes quite nicely.
6/15/2020 c3 5blackcharizard762
The whole thing with Bora happened in hargeron not Magnolia
6/12/2020 c58 Gabriel1901
Creo que con ikagura y treya akrededor flare comenzará a darse cuenta de lo que siente por natsu.
Ella desconoce sobre estos temas. De algún lado los tiene que aprender, y estas dos pueden encargarse de ello.
Ya encontraron a serene.
Creo que a todos los sorprendió.
No me esperaba eso.
6/12/2020 c57 Gabriel1901
La situación de natsu es contradictoria.
El acepta lo que es, pero cuando se unio a fairy tail quiso cambiar.
Más que cambiar, tenia miedo a que lo dejarán de lado por lo que es.
Pero creó que lo llegó a entender.
Natsu es frágil, detrás de todo ese poder se encuentra un niño que ha sufrido desde niño.
No conoce lo que es una familia, y cuando conoció a fairy tail tubo un gran impacto en el.
No se que pasara en un futuro, pero es algo que se puede solucionar.
Fue muy lindo que treya lo defendiera.
Oh, ahora ikagura y treya quieren un hijo de natsu.
Lo único que falta es que flare se sume...
Parece que ya saben el paradero de serene,solo queda encontrarla.
6/12/2020 c56 Gabriel1901
Realmente comienzo a amar a treya.
El personaje que has creado es muy interesante.
Entendió el miedo de natsu y estubo ahi para el.
Es de las unicas chicas que acepto lo que siente por el y no tiene reparos en demostrarlo.
También sus avances sobre natsu son muy graciosos.
En fin, veremos como les va en esta búsqueda.
6/12/2020 c55 Gabriel1901
Bueno, los demás miembros conocen el pasado de natsu.
Llegó el momento de que los distintos puntos de vista chocarán.
Ellos no estan de acuerdo con sus metodos, y el tampoco con los sullos.
Los miembros de fairy tail tienen una percepción del mundo muy equivocada.
Esto se debe a que no les ha pasado nada malo.
Erigor podría haber matado a gray o lucy, pero no paso.
Lullaby también, pero no paso.
Jellal,ikagura, oración seis y más.
En todas estás situaciones sus vidas estuvieron en riesgo, peri tuvieron la suerte de salir con vida.
Para resumir son de dos mundos completamente distintos.
Luego esta la situación de callan y treya.
Estos quieren ayudar a natsu en su pelea con vallith, y creo que tienen razón.
Si los 5 lost dragon slayers pelean juntos, puede que tengan una oportunidad.
Hay que ver si natsu aepta eso. Tiene que dejar de lado su miedo.
Ikagura ya es parte de fairy tail, y con flare se sumarán a la búsqueda.
6/12/2020 c54 Gabriel1901
Interesante relación tienen treya y callan. Va a ser muy divertido ver a esos dos.
Bueno, vamos a tener a ikagura como miembro a prueba.
Si que esta interesada por natsu.
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