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for Vampire to Hakuryuukou

11/2/2020 c5 waile
love it. please continue.
8/24/2020 c2 DragonTetho
Hm, I can definitely see Outer Moka shining through Inner Moka and to be honest I am sure that's kinda how Moka's personality would be if she didn't get her powers and her personality sealed inside the Rosario. Plus TsunTsun Inner Moka is a 100 points for me. Keep it up my good Author!
8/24/2020 c1 DragonTetho
Mhm, the only criticism that I had is that 50%(in my own opinion) of the story consists of Outer Moka and it is through her that Tsukune was able to stay his foot inside the Yokai Academy and at the same time it ain't RosarioVampire if it doesn't have his harem(which he does but he only loves Moka) plus with all the comedic hijinks, their relationship in-play, and some drama made reading the Manga great as you can really see how it kinda affects their relationship. Other than that though I am enjoying this and would be glad to see a Dragon Tsukune not a Ghoul(Dhampir/idk) Tsukune.
2/12/2018 c5 15The Storm Master 567
Just stumbled upon this and I hope you come back.
5/26/2017 c2 Guest
Consider the following..

Kill yourself.
4/9/2016 c4 Othinus
Oh my GOD! The level of n00bness is skyrocketing. I'm going to get infected. JFC.
12/1/2015 c5 Guest
XD tsukune got played like punkabitch XD
5/1/2015 c5 Guest
I really hope you update! Would love to read the next chapter! :D
4/27/2015 c5 1Nirvash Neo
2/20/2015 c5 6izica1
great story really has me hooked
11/13/2014 c5 DaniM595
This is awesome. I can not wait to see what happens next.
10/6/2014 c5 haseo2124
please update soon.
9/3/2014 c5 UnknownColombian
This story is amazing you have great writing style as well. Although some parts do feel a bit rushed it still has been really fun to read. Even you have rushed some remember you can only keep moving forward!

Loving it! Hope you continue!

8/29/2014 c5 2Marcus Le Fay
Quick question, is Ddraig gonna make an appearance?
8/29/2014 c5 1Master DK
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