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for Vampire to Hakuryuukou

8/27/2014 c5 138Toaneo07 Ver2.0
mmmm nice
8/9/2014 c1 kadzooks
I like the idea but the execution could have been better.

The ending feels awkward and annoying, not the speech but the timing of the speech.
Maybe space out your dialogue more and slow down the pace? Hope you improve as the story goes on.
8/7/2014 c4 cerberus328
awesome update !
8/4/2014 c5 EternityDragon2610
Well my only real problem is how Kuyou pulled a miraculous recovery in the fight... Divide halves the opponents power and adds it to your own and any excess is funneled out of the wings so that you are at peak power constantly. So regardless of Kuyou's power it would be halved every time tsukune used it. for example if Kuyou's power is 10000 - 10000500025001250625 and so on. So why with the amount of Divides he was hit with, was he able to not only get back up as if nothing happened but then absolutely trash all them...

Don't get me wrong the fight was awesome but after Tsukune hit him with 17 Divides before his true Balance Breaker, Kuyou shouldn't be much of a threat.
8/4/2014 c5 Reviewer
Are you planning on Issei joining in on the chaos with a Boosted gear vs Divine dividing battle? If you are working towards that, Albion should start dropping hints about "The Red One" to build up suspense.
8/3/2014 c5 Dp11
Haha I recognize that sacrifice the heart idea. Honestly if you are going to sacrifice something at least sacrifice something nobody will see haha. Well I like this chapter and have you finish reading the rosario vampire? Because tsukune got a lot to go through and I wonder about Akasha's soul since it was in the rosary moka always wore so I am worry about that too.
8/3/2014 c5 3Reishin Amara
i think he just realized the headmaster is part
8/3/2014 c5 ThePizziaMan
Wow Tsukune gave up to save Moka. That's kind of poetic.
8/3/2014 c5 5Tobi-Douchebag-666
He divided far more than even Vali ever did. On one opponent!
8/3/2014 c5 5Zel77
Nice chapter, if a bit rushed regarding Tsukune and Moka's relationship.
5/22/2014 c4 Guest
I wish you can continue the chapter about tsukune fight the security committee in balance breaker mode
4/20/2014 c4 Eulsam
Keep writing more!
3/5/2014 c4 15Giratina Zero
Hmmmm...not bad
2/9/2014 c4 BlackLife
omigod i love your story i like the straight forwardness in it. especially the parts of the dragon and tsukune talking
2/3/2014 c4 RIAS
Please you that this series is not the long you're soon there is a lot of material and you will include the part of the field of sunflowers, ruby appears when i have an idea for which the introduscaz(i saw in another anime but i think it would be good), while the parents of ruby were still alive she was passing a time in the sunflowers and appeared at the moment she jumped a child(tsukune), But the frightened boy began to talk and to play with her as they ran along between the sunflowers, but had to go by that only came on holiday but he promised him that i would definately return soon and while it was the tragedy occurred with the car and was adopted by his master after he returned and she avoided, well this is the basis of my idea your sensei use it as you want and perhaps you recognize the anime.
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