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for Home is Where You Are

1/8/2014 c1 Guest
1/9/2014 c1 212DeansBabyBird
Oh that's just lovely, so nice. :0)
B xx
1/9/2014 c1 1AshleyMarie84
Aww this was so sweet, I loved it!
1/8/2014 c1 1Nyx Ro
Awww! *sniff*
1/8/2014 c1 5klu
that is a great sentiment - home is where your family is... beautifully done.
1/8/2014 c1 BranchSuper
Kinda sappy, but very true!
1/8/2014 c1 35Rose Eclipse
Awww, so cute! I agree, Dean loves the Bunker but home is wherever he and Sam are together. (I can still imagine Dean buying a blender just so that he can make milkshakes for Sammy in the Bunker kitchen..)
1/8/2014 c1 rosebudgirl
Such a sweet story!
1/8/2014 c1 17Mimi011
I like it. Seems like something they'd actually do on the show. Oh, and a minor spelling mistake, you missed an h in his near the beginning.
1/8/2014 c1 29CeCe Away
BA Dean can simply be so sweet sometimes.

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