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for Forever On A Winter's Eve

4/6/2018 c1 Guest
Does this mean the turtles never meet Casey? If they still do... How would it play out?

Just askin' questions
1/31/2017 c5 1CartoonPonyDrawing
I should be mad at you for killing Donnie but I can't. This story is great.
11/16/2016 c5 Guest
U KILLED DONNIE NOONE KILLS DONNIE ONLY KARIA u might as well make a mother seat and star typing and make it all a dream cause I will kill
Just kidding but don't kill donnie there will be consquen
U have been warned
11/15/2016 c3 Guest
sorry I just really am in love with donatello so watch it a lot of people are going to say somthing like but still watch it hurt donnie and I hurt you
8/18/2016 c1 xxRenetxx
OMG THIS WAS SO SAD I loved this, but also a word for all you people that have already read this and wanted to review STOP POSTING THE SPOILERS alright? We can see them right here just before we open the stories if you have the app (which most people do) STOP IT! it's annoying and you're ruining the experience for other people
7/19/2016 c3 Mallory
I was in tears when donnie died. At least he died protecting april from Kari :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( Even if april didn't know when she was sleeping
9/7/2015 c5 5Apocalypse owner
Ah, they made me cry! Especially Raph in the ending of the talk.
8/21/2015 c5 17Sonic155
Oh... my god... this story... it's just... jeez... Every chapter, every character, and the atmosphere... I see this happening in real life! If only they could make a movie out of this... But seriously, you nailed it in detail and realism, man! And to think I usually don't read Death fics... Poor Donatello.
6/28/2015 c5 82SleepingSeeker
I'm so sorry for the late review! I've been out of town with the family :D

I thought this was set up so beautifully. The shared pain. The common denominator of regret and mourning. They both need someone to lean on right now. They are both hurting so much, so raw.

When he was attending to her wounds, oh man. I just felt her teetering on some very dangerous associations. Something that will only lead to more heartache, but how can she help it? How could anyone be expected to rise above that desperate need to be with the one you ache for, you yearn for, the one that was stolen from you?

That final line, though. The revelation that it was their birthday, was just the nail in the coffin to my heart. Great job, Novus! As always my friend!
6/21/2015 c5 Guest
YES! Such a beautifully rich and well-written chapter - I have read it several times to fully appreciate all the subtle nuance. Few things enrapture me in fics as much as self-imposed prisons with glimmers of reprieve, so it was just a pleasure. I could write something twice as long pointing out everything I loved but I'll spare you quoting back the entire thing!

Firstly, I love the focus on April in this chapter, you have a knack of both being able to pin her character down and conjure up a scene and mood around her. She's hurting with the kind of pain she can't see an end for, and she is doing a bang up job of torturing herself, letting regret poison her.

At this point the encounter with Splinter marks a nice little moment with his insistance that she must not let two lives be wasted - a brilliant bit of advice from our sage master. To me it rings true of Splinter both as a father and a teacher, that even though he is suffering the immense grief by loss of a child, he wants to relieve the burden of this agony on his family. It's also interesting that Splinter recognizes that April's relationship with Donatello is different to that with his brothers... and is grateful that his son got to feel some kind of acceptance & hope, even if it never came to full bloom.

And finally, in an inspired bit of foreshadowing, we have April and Raphael. There is something indefinably sweet watching them come to terms with their grief... kinda like seeing a new sapling grow in the aftermath of a forest fire. You have Raphael's prickly in your face bravado down pat. He needs someone like April, I think, to draw out his anger and pain - just as she needs someone like him to face it square on. That they each feel responsible for Donnie's death gives them common ground ( and as we have seen in earlier chapters a platform which leads to something more visceral and physical). To support each other when they feel like falling apart. Nothing shows it more than when Raphael is tending to April's injuries sustained after slipping from the roof. He is tender at heart and strong to the core. She is broken but brutally honest with him. In many ways a perfect complement to heal. And, damn, what a day to find each other.

Please forgive the delay with this one, I have been offline far longer than I would have liked! Such a wonderful addition to the FOAWE universe, congrats for hurting us again! TF
6/21/2015 c5 4Jay Jones
I really admire how you continue to weave April's special psychic skillz in your fics: it's clever and true-to-TMNT - and poignant. It was intriguing and bittersweet, how she could feel all three brothers' various reactions and grieving styles. Raph's emotional unraveling was heart-wrenching. His one job, to keep them all safe...excuse me while I extract your katana from my chest. ...keep yourself occupied... OK, all done. Just gots some blood to mop up now. I also liked your observation about how the people we care for the most have the greatest capacity to hurt us. I mean, Duh, yeah - but this applies to so many types of relationships and as much as it's true, I guess we also need to be the most forgiving and understanding in these instances. Or Whatevs ;) "Happy Mutation Day": you SOB, Nov. Now I have to extract a second katana... :D
6/20/2015 c5 7BelatedBeliever1127
*throws away all the used tissues from the ugly crying that has just occurred*

You are always tugging on my heartstrings, and this chapter was absolutely no exception. Being a big Raph fan, this was a particularly sad chapter for me. Raph believes that he has failed in his role as the protector of his family, and worse, he had to watch his brother die. That kind of helplessness and guilt... oh my goodness, poor baby. Also, the Happy Mutation Day wish was a really nice touch. I loved it, and as always, I will eagerly be awaiting your next installment.
6/19/2015 c3 Susan
OMG You are making me cry. This is very well writen and I apreciet the work you put into this story. Thanks
6/18/2015 c5 3GL Jarmin

That is really all I can say about this right now.
6/18/2015 c5 203BubblyShell22
An awesome chapter. I really liked it and can see Raph wanting to be there for her. Yes, they're two sides of the same coin and both blame themselves for what happened to Donnie even though it wasn't their fault for what happened. But I like how they can take solace in each other and really learn to let go as they speak to each other. Nicely done on this. I'll be eagerly awaiting an update.

The Bubbly One,
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