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3/1/2015 c1 68Crazychicke
Bhahahaha "I carried a watermelon." was probably my favourite line. I just discovered this story - I love this movie so much! Love how Matt & Stefan are cousins & how you incorporated Maroline, Forwood & Steroline in this! 3 And of course Lexi! I want to have dance lessons with Stefan *dead* Can't wait to read more.
12/2/2014 c10 Katrina
2/10/2014 c7 sammie.friston
Great chapter looking forward to the next update :)
1/30/2014 c6 sammie.friston
Lovin this story :)
1/28/2014 c5 2S.Warrior
This was like my favorite part of the movie, they finally did the grown up omg that's crazy
1/24/2014 c4 S.Warrior
Stefan FEELS something for Caroline *inserts happy dance* he better mot just shrug it off lol...we got to see nice stefan this chapter I'm glad its so weird to see him be mean to her I know I've said it before but it really is ... So what did you think of the klaroline hook up smh they just gave the fans something to bash Caroline with I can't believe it I didn't know what I was watching
1/18/2014 c3 S.Warrior
I cannot wait to see Stefan teaching Care how to dance he's so cocky towards her its gonna be a fun dynamic
1/16/2014 c3 sammie.friston
Awe and the love affair is about to start. I would love to actually see a version of dirty dancing done by stefan and caroline :p
1/15/2014 c2 S.Warrior
Awwwww Stefan being mean to Caroline is just awkward but I know its necessary due to the story but it still feels weird lol can't wait for the next chapter
1/15/2014 c1 S.Warrior
So Dirty Dancing is one of my favorite movies and now I'm wanting them to make a remake with Paul Wesley because that would be freakin awesome and Candice could play Baby omfg you've got me hooked already
1/14/2014 c1 CB4389
I like it! please continue!
1/11/2014 c1 sammie.friston
I though this was a brilliant idea and would love to carry on reading if you decide to carry on writing it

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