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for Dino Thunder: A Different Take

6/27/2021 c6 HighffelFlower could have been interesting that you brought both kimberly and kat back forcing tommy to reevaluate where he stands with his feelings for them , and ultimately make a choice but the way you went about it is kinda silly and rushed.

he hasn't even spoke to kimberly; only addressed kat. and theyre like both standing there together; hanging out together; he speaks to them collectively...that just isn't believable. granted there's a LOT about this series that isn't believable, I get it-but the characterization and how humans interact with each other should be especially if youre appealing to an adult audience (which you would have to be for a fic) .. these conversations would be one on one in private; not in front of everyone; Haley would not be involved thats just weird.. and they would not be competing for the same guy and all living under one happy roof sharing a guest bedroom while they do it. this isn't the bachelor. and even still; thats not realistic and not the choice of the contestants; most of which are never truly after the guy in the first place.

and we found out tommy attempted suicide?! like this; in front of everyone...just thrown in there and not at all developed or explained thoroughly? you can't just deal with human emotions like that in this way. you don't just drop them like bombs outta nowhere in front of all the characters together in a room and your audience at the same time. that is something very personal and he would likely be ashamed of it he would not want it revealed like that. plus its crazy out of character for him and while Canon (whatever the fuck that meansto me its irrelevantwants to constantly force kat on tommy; its very clear their pairing lacked chemistry and depth and looked as forced as it was in real life. so ...very hard to believe that losing her caused him to slit his wrists or whatever.

marrying herhowever...that would do it.

you had me until you made this a weird circus..
5/6/2020 c8 48Pink ranger 13
It’s a great story and please continue this story
I love this :)
Especially this being on Conner, as there aren't too many fanfics based on him and all, gripping story.
9/13/2017 c8 58SpecialK92
Please update soon! I just found this story and I really like it! This is a very creative idea and I'm interested in seeing what happens next.
12/1/2014 c8 7Taeniaea
cool story
12/1/2014 c7 PikaPower14 far i love it...i just kept on reading not realizing how late it was..i was to into it lol...cant wait to read the new chapters and find out what happens to Conner and Krista...and if Tommy gets his relationship fixed with not only kim but the ranger team as well! Great job
11/28/2014 c8 28Son of Whitebeard
poor connor and the guilt is immense and good use of some weaponry nice to see you updated this fic
11/27/2014 c1 1flamelily274
Does Conner have a twin brother named Eric in this fix? I remember in the crossover episode with ninja storm he had a brother in the academy.
10/16/2014 c7 ShiaraRocker93
Oh my gods, I can't wait for you to continue this GORRAM AWESOME story. Team KirCo Forever!
4/20/2014 c7 28Son of Whitebeard
good to see the veterans having help and I hope the Dino Thunder gang does not need to go to therapy to deal with the obvious trauma
4/19/2014 c6 Son of Whitebeard
someone might not be coming back and nice backdrop to the M51 Galaxy
4/17/2014 c6 NightmareOnElmStreetFan
That is a good chapter. And I hope you update another chapter.
3/2/2014 c5 Son of Whitebeard
good to see Rocky & Kat
3/1/2014 c5 NightmareOnElmStreetFan
That is very good. And please update another chapter.
2/14/2014 c4 5Corianna15
hmmm..I always thought that when Tommy is forced to the lifeforce extractor that it was stupid Mesagog never actually used it on him, despite the fact that the moment he had Trent and Elsa in it, he didn't hesitate. I was hoping you were gonna make that scene more dramatic.
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