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2/11/2018 c2 7NinjaSheik
Having already read this story a while ago, I know Brant's true character, but I really loved how much of a jerk is to Rook right off the bat and his perverted desire for Ben is very obvious, and Rook can sense that. I find this chapter to very exciting since this begins the falling out between Ben and Rook for most of the story and Brant as one of the major villains! Plus, you put Pyxi in here, which is great! :D
2/11/2018 c1 NinjaSheik
This was such a brilliant chapter to open the story with! Dramatic and suspenseful! :D Poor Ben and Rook. Ben got hurt because that stupid Psychobos took control of Rook! T _ T
10/31/2017 c8 Jung Hyo Hwa
it's 12 am and I'm bawling my eyes out with so much feels LOL
9/18/2016 c5 143Chyme for the Rhyme
Aw, a touch of tenderness before the oncoming war. I did like that Ben froze up when he was confronted with the rush of blood. He usually has to deal with slime and ooze and goo instead, so it makes sense that his reaction might be different when confronted with a much more serious bodily fluid.
9/18/2016 c3 Chyme for the Rhyme
Ah, yes. Pride comes before a fall. And all the little seeds and portents, of Rook being so certain that his way is right, come back to bite him. And sure, Ben can be difficult to deal with. But Rook's refusal to see, to understand certain things, like how Ben isn't useless without the Omnitrix, lead to him being easily manipulated by not only the circumstances, but by the Brant, the person who he is definately not jealous of, no way. I like that you've picked up upon this flaw and expanded upon it. Some people portray Rook as, not infallible exactly. But as someone who's untouchable in comparison to Ben, and that simply isn't true.
9/18/2016 c2 Chyme for the Rhyme
Oh dear. Rook's certainty that he knows best in every situation is a flaw, even if he doesn't know it yet. That way leads to trouble, methinks. And while he's right to have his suspicions, he's not a good enough actor to hide them.
9/18/2016 c1 Chyme for the Rhyme
Oh damn. It's hard to see Rook being so serious in two completely different ways. First, when he's he's being so firm with Ben in order to ensure his safety, even dragging his wrist in front of his face to make his point, to address the issue at hand and then later, when he's not in the driver's seat so to speak, under the influence of the one person in the series who hates Galvans the most...and I use the term loosely.

Nevertheless, it's an interesting follow-up to the 'While You Were Away' episode, a good continuation of what might have happened had the Incursian forces decided to use their new mind-control drug on other sentient beings, rather than just the feral Way-Bigs. And it's not a nice scenario to fall into.
1/21/2016 c8 Julia rose mcnab
I loved this story, your,re a great wrighter.
12/18/2015 c8 Itharax
Good story!
11/1/2014 c8 Guest
Whoa, this is great! The characters are believably in character and hardly any grammar mistakes.
10/28/2014 c8 ohgoddeletethiscringepls
Dude you really made me feel like crying...but awesome story

5/4/2014 c8 boredreamer
waaah i really love this story! this was the best brooken one ive read especially since you kept everyone true to their character :3 so many stories tend to make ben so helpless and just like a typical damsel in distress, or kevin some douche baggy ex, or rook some overly sappy and princely guy . Any this was a great read i hope you write more stories :D
5/2/2014 c8 theanimekitty89
Hi. Just read your story and it was beautiful. I just got into the ship and I'm delighted to see so much fanart and fics :D Yours inspired me so much; I stayed up all night to finish it! Thanks for writing such a great story, it was truly a pleasure :D
5/1/2014 c8 3Alana-kittychan
Oh I love this so much even more so that you have Gwen and Kevin help out with the pairing ( unlike other fics where they make Kevin be a bad guy and hurting Ben and Gwen and that just doesn't sit well for me ) so thank so much for this fic and could you please write other Rook&Ben fics from now on pretty please?
4/21/2014 c7 Guest
You sure know how to make someone cry. *silently sobs*
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