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11/12/2018 c1 15Lexie Starfire
Perfect, hi hammer lets just smash Lol
9/12/2018 c1 30SkyeMoor
The better plan would be to bring a Schroedinger's cat.
Because all predators need prey...
9/4/2017 c1 Guest
I was scared to look away from the picture for a sec
4/20/2017 c1 1PheonixFyre374
1/1/2017 c1 Amberflames
Finally, a reasonable solution to the problem of creepy stone statues that move.
10/18/2016 c1 1TimeyWimeyBadWolf

(But next time, let's try a sledgehammer. Or a missile launcher. Or maybe a chainsaw - we'll plug it into the Tardis)
4/13/2016 c1 Guest
really good
1/2/2015 c1 Whovian Wolf
I love this! This has been my main point with the Weeping Angels. JUST SMASH THEM UNTIL THEY'RE DUST! Dust can't really do all that much. Or, you can duct tape a mirror to their head. But smashing is more efficient. And fun. Fun is always important! I think you are an amazing and fantastic and wonderful writer and I hope that you never stop writing! :) Hope you had a wonderful holidays and that life isn't to stressful for you!
8/6/2014 c1 59Dragonsrule18
Those weeping angels give me the creeps. Now I'm creeped out by angel statues...:(
7/20/2014 c1 20TheGoldman
Since the weeping angels can't move when something is looking at it, does that mean it's dead if it closes its eyes? And when its hiding its eyes behind its hands, does that mean it technically shouldn't be able to move?

I never understood what was so great about turning to stone. Sure, the angels were terrifying, but stone is easily smashed.
6/10/2014 c1 5Extended Experience
So much for "not being able to kill stone, lol.
5/26/2014 c1 Guest
finally someone had to do it! my question has been answered!
4/27/2014 c1 explorer girl in training
Ha! I bet no-one thought of that before. Though you could just ask the doctor to turn the sonic screwdriver to stone and break them, it has every option except wood.
3/20/2014 c1 5booklover41
Actually The angels are harder then diamond when they are in stone mode. Just use a freaking mirror. I mean if they cover their hands so not t affect each other, what happens if they see themselves? Answer, they get stuck as stone.
2/26/2014 c1 12IsoldeAhlstrom
Ha! Why didn't anyone else think of this? This is completely true! Which episode is this set it? Or can it be just any episode with Weeping Angels? Great story, absolutely love it!
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