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12/2/2022 c10 4Miss Elyon
Pleaseeee pleaseeee continueeee!
2/1/2022 c9 RhizOneill
Excellent chapter once again. I am so looking forward to read the next chapter soon.
1/20/2022 c9 Dreamcatcher56
It might have been a bit shorter but was an enjoyable read none the less.
1/20/2022 c9 1LadyHopeofGallifrey
Wonderful chapter! Loved it! :)
1/17/2022 c8 RhizOneill
Excellent chapter. Welcome back. I am so looking forward to read more soon.
12/31/2021 c8 LadyHopeofGallifrey
Brilliant chapter! Loved it! :)
12/30/2021 c8 James Birdsong
Good eight chapters
12/2/2021 c7 18Doctor Rose Belikova
That was so cute! I'm really enjoying the story. i like that you're not just rehashing each episode word for word! Looking forward to the next chapter!
11/28/2021 c7 AshleyLudtke
Can’t wait for more!
11/3/2021 c8 24artsoccer
This is not legible, it is full of formatting code
4/28/2015 c7 5MomoPeachFlower
Go Sexy, make them take an unplanned for vacation.
Anyway, like I said last chapter, make sure you proof read for grammatical errors before posting. Makes it a more smooth read for fans.
4/28/2015 c6 MomoPeachFlower
Some of your words were put together likethis. Make sure you reread and check for grammatical errors before posting.
Besides that, I really like this, it has a different twist than most of the stories where Rose get's sent back.
4/9/2015 c7 debygoebel
love a litle tardes medling
good chapter
4/8/2015 c7 alicewiggles
I guess you like beaches! love that her favorite moon is the full one. I always hoped that they had day like this in between the others so it was nice to see one . will you have adventures that were not on the show? just something so it does not feel so rushed to kill 9th .
4/8/2015 c7 Beautiful Abyss
Love the beach theme! Great chapter, update soon please _
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