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for Teacher's Pet

9/10/2021 c7 3BellaBerry12
yikes u oooof Emma don't do that sweetheart YIKESSSSSSSS IM OMG I NEED TO CLOSE THE APP AND COME BACK CUS OMG EMMAAAAA second hand emberassment is too much
7/12/2020 c30 DeeAnn Thomas
Please add more
1/25/2020 c8 ash
that kiss did things to me. damn. i’m really enjoying this fic!
4/15/2019 c24 babykannible23
I am dying laughing at Cora walking in on them. It’s not even that funny of a scene but I can’t help it. I’m just imagining this happening to me and how funny it would be.
3/16/2019 c30 Sammii16
Wow what a journey so far for our two ladies.
You definitely caught everyone's essence.
Thank you for being creative and sharing.
Can't wait to read the other story.
Thank you
10/2/2018 c30 Guest
I absolutely loved every piece of this story. It drew me in and your skills allowed me to feel just as the characters did. You’re incredibly talented, thank you for gifting us this work of art.
9/5/2018 c13 Guest
She loves her too. Oh I’m crying. Gakshdkdbd I can’t handle all of these emotions. The fluff, the smut, THE FLUFF
9/3/2018 c8 Guest
I’m actually screaming. They kissed! I love this so much.
5/12/2018 c22 icequeen1955
Isn't this a repeat of a previous chapter word for word?
4/20/2018 c18 Guest
I love how you were so careful with the cutting scenes, making sure your readers knew what could be trigger and what wasnt
1/30/2018 c13 JJ
"People of my kind? Do you have something against Latinas?" God that was funny!
10/28/2017 c21 1Steampunk'd83
You have perfectly captured the best part about Maine winters, the bright nights. Well done!
10/25/2017 c7 jmcatnip
that was freakin INTENSE. love it
10/1/2017 c30 Guest
My GOD, that was funny
9/9/2017 c8 ninabanana
OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. This is the 4th time im reading this story and this chapter still gets to me every. Single. Damn. Time. LOVE THIS
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