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5/6 c14 The God of Perverts
This chapter was amazing
2/27 c19 Astramilitarum01
Your version of Harry Potter is hands down one of the best I have seen so far, sadly nearly all other characters in the story don't come even close to the depth of character as him, all others seem 1 dimensional at best. This kinda takes away from the story, it's still good but I was frustrated a good deal because they seemed absolutely shite in comparison to your Harry.
2/19 c19 SamonIllmantrim
A beautiful story
9/2/2020 c19 ITC
Finally done, and thanks, it was great!
7/31/2020 c2 ClaireR89
I feel like they should’ve tried to save more people from the jail cells
6/27/2020 c19 CarolWim
Wonderful story, great work. And the end if brilliant.
5/19/2020 c19 Smokeing
It was a very good story track more like it
5/19/2020 c9 Smokeing
I really enjoy these kinds of fanfiction cuz they're strictly basically fanfiction not following the book Thank you for writing this enjoyable story hope you're write Moore
5/17/2020 c1 scotty26
Wow that was a lot to pack in in one chapter but it kept the pace going. Im reminded of a mix of the gunslinger from The Dark Tower and Jonah Hex
5/2/2020 c19 loveispower
Marshal Jamie Black is one of the most interesting characters I have ever met. I love how you took the time travel concept and used it in such an intriguing way. I could totally see Harry Potter becoming Jamie Black through the trials and tribulations that he faced after being whisked through time. He was the perfect blend of hard-nosed lawman with the fun side that would have been allowed to develop without the pressure of living up to everyone else's expectation of who "Harry Potter" should be. Loved it, one of the best.
4/28/2020 c19 3Charlee56
And the Hero, Marshal Black rode off into the sunset on a huge and beautiful Night Mare.
Exit stage left to tje tune of "Don't Fence Me In".
A GREAT story!
4/28/2020 c15 Charlee56
"Damn it all to Hell, why don't they make bigger clips for these things"; Harry was shooting at the "shambling trolls" in this sentence. A Henry lever action repeating rifle (and they're in business to this day!) does NOT USE CLIPS.
It utilizes a tubular magazine slung along the underside of the barrel. And a .45-70 only holds 5 rounds if you load a shot in the chamber after refilling the tube and then adding another one round to the tube to replace the one you just chambered.
Mighty Big Round!
A 'clip' is used to load a top-loading rifle such as a Mauser, or an M1 Garand, which both use an internal box-type magazine directly below the breech.
4/27/2020 c9 Charlee56
Tuff guy, right. "The Duke" and all that. "Cryin is fer sissies an'weaklings, Pilgrim".
Crying takes strength and a sense of The Right from the wrong. What kind of truly strong person would fail to weep for their own mother?
4/27/2020 c4 Charlee56
Ok, I just GOTTA pop in my 4 cents here.
Aside from an amazing amount of word "substitutions" (homonymnic mistakes mostly) as well as basic spelling mishaps... all avoidable by using a competent editor/Beta... and the fact that periods are used liberally with commas (comma-itis), causing mistakes all through various dialogues, the story is excellent.
One more thing; Ammunition.
Handgun ammunition for period pieces such as Harry/Jamie's weapons (19th century manufactured Colt Peacemakers and Navy models) are commercially available. But!
His weapons were made in the 1850's-80's and required all-blackpowder loads. These could NEVER HAVE DIGESTED CURRENT LOADS USING SMOKELESS POWDERS, as are all such .45 Long Colt examples currently manufactured. Many a Marshal loaded their own ammo. Kits have always been available. Powder measures and lead melting equipment were commonly available.
Jamie/Harry's shootin' irons would've burst their chambers or barrels at the base of the barrel due to the extreme overpressure such a modern smokeless powder round available nowadays could generate.
He might have been able to make use of 4 or five such rounds before said mishap occurred, but occur it would, either killing or at the very least causing severe injury to the shooter.
And that's just the Peacemakers! The Navy Colts back then were almost all conversions to fixed ammunition usage from muzzleloading cap and ball type weapons. Older manufacture and softer steels.
The Navy Colts varied between .32, .36 and .44 calibers, depending on the dates of manufacture. So great care must be used in obtaining the correct ammo, specifying said caliber and the make/model and date of manufacture of the weapon to the store clerk when picking up ammo.
Incidentally; other than New York State/City, New Jersey and Massachusetts Jamie would have had no problem in purchasing ammunition for his weapons and without having to produce either identification or a weapons license (pistol permit) other than in those few states. The states of Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Rhode Island would not have presented a problem with requiring a pistol license in the purchase of any ammunition necessary. The larger stores such as Bass Pro and Cabela's in Maine would have had these necessaries in stock.
Ok, that's my 4 cents for this most excellent story so far other than praise for an excellent plot and incredible character development! And Katie Bell? Out-STANDING pairing! What a concept!
4/18/2020 c19 lunaz
I found this a highly enjoyable read even though at times I wanted to slap Harry/James LOL. I hope one day you will write a sequel to this.
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