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1/12/2014 c1 Nightspider
well I think about a story like this, is good that someone finaly think about it
1/12/2014 c1 17Ice Maiden Olivier
This is truly awesome! please update soon :)
1/12/2014 c1 StrawberrySpeedster
AWESOME! Next chapter please!
1/12/2014 c1 Ami
CONTINUIE I like this story update as soon as possible please
1/12/2014 c1 8Dawnbreaker Dragon
Had only a little time and saw the story with about 700 words and I could just say "why not?"
But then again, not a bad decision :)
So he basically only slashed his wrist and all of the teens were moved forward in time? Or is it all happening in Hiccup's head? and if it's not, some truly godly powers are affecting here.

Anyway, nice job.

1/12/2014 c1 4mk94
Will it be more of a bad future where the is a war going on? Or is it a hqppy future where the teens learn of the real being hiccup? Either way is fine with me. Will they also be intodruced to their future dragons. Oh and older hiccup should totaly talk to younger hiccup! I like the story so far ;-)
1/12/2014 c1 4A random surprise
Update plz!
1/12/2014 c1 Guest
Oh wow...What will their reactions be? :D I can totally imagine the boys' jaws dropping if Hiccup's future self looks like him in HTTYD 2 and Astrid & Ruffnut...same reaction I hope :D With some fangirliness.
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