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10/21/2017 c17 BabyNightmare
I loved this story! It was very well written, and the plot was great as well. But maybe you could have made the future people's names in bold lettering so it was easier to tell them apart? That's what a lot of people do. But, all in all, this was an amazing story, by far the bast httyd time travel fic I've ever read!
7/27/2017 c17 4MistyHart44
First off, I loved that you gave Hiccup and Astrid more than one kid - I see alot of writers give them one or two after many years of marriage and it seems strange to me in a society with no birth control. I liked the idea of them having twins, because it’s almost like the can never get away from chaos of Ruffnut and Tuffnut – and Hiccup dividing Berk between them, he would do something like that!
You did a great job of wrapping it up and keeping the pace. There were so many characters, and you could have gotten bogged down, but you didn’t.
I agree with not being able to couple Ruffnut with Fishlegs – Ruffnut, Tuffnut, and Snotlout always seem to be grouped together, so I feel like Snotlout is already part of that family and I'm not sure how Fishlegs and Tuffnut would get along if they had to be related, he seems like he'd be the odd man out.
The bottle with the fire fluid - great idea. When it started, I wondered if he was taking some sort of super strength potion, but then you went in the fire direction and that was clever and very Hiccup.
At times the characters seemed a little over the top, but it worked for this story and your writing, so I liked it.
Overall a good read and I’m happy to have found it, because I don’t normally like the time travel stories, but it went far enough into the future to keep it interesting.
6/24/2016 c17 2ay lmao it's me ya boi
Amazing story! It was kind of confusing, with all the future/past Hiccup etc. But I got the gist of it. As promised, questions:
1) So they thought it was a dream, or did they forget it all together?
2) Do Snotlout and the others still go to Hiccup, or do they also have the same feelings?
3) Will Astrid remember a crush on Hiccup?
4) So the future people will remember, but the past forget?
5) So future Hiccup also attempted suicide, but the same experience stopped him?
6) Future Hiccup realized what stopped him from suicide?
I have more . . . But then it would be too long, and the questions are confusing anyway. Great story, again!
6/24/2016 c12 ay lmao it's me ya boi
Great story! I really like the way you divided Hiccup and Astrid's looks and talents into their kids. Great story, please update soon!
I hope that's long enough, but I 'll give you the list of questions at the end.
4/23/2016 c17 24Lmb111514
I loved the story; it was great. I hope to read more of your stories soon!
4/6/2016 c17 mary
This was awesome! Best time travel httyd fic ever!
3/14/2016 c17 Sarada-sama
Awww I really liked this history, even though I'm not a big fan of reading hiccstrid-OC's fics, but this was the exception. I just wish the chapters could be more long, and more interactions between past Hiccup and the others but still I enjoyed this fic a lot :3
8/13/2015 c11 Richard Astley's really unlikely that Astrid and Hiccup would unintentionally get themselves caught..

And I seriously doubt that they would be stupid enough to have more than one child, considering what can happen when there's more than one heir to something..

Even if their first happened to be twins, I still highly doubt they would take the risk of having another child

Also, the berzerkers don't exactly attack a island full of dragons and dragon riders one a daily basis, so it's also really unlikely that that could happen..

Just sayin' the basis of this story's conflict doesn't make tons of sense...
7/13/2015 c17 bronzed topaz
A very interesting story. It was great, just a little bummed it wasn't as funny towards the end. But other than that, it was a good read.
7/2/2015 c3 6Seraphina Renae
Hahahahaha! XD
4/21/2015 c17 glitterjewel
This was great! Wow! I can't believe you are such a great writer!
1/19/2015 c1 Rey
Reading the story 4th Time
12/7/2014 c17 Believerforever01
Really liked this story- I love the children and everything about their future. But I loved the characters so much (both the OCs and original) and how u made them I was wondering if u would rewrite this and add more or make one shots? Of course at the end of the day its ur story, but its just a suggestion-
10/26/2014 c1 Guest
I know its not the place to ask, but can you please rewrite this story, a longer version with much more twists, craziness and surprises. Its an awesome story but I feel its short, ended way too quickly..
8/26/2014 c17 8Dragonbow117
Asehwbfaskd Okay, sorry. Sorry! Really am. (Said i'd review ages ago. Didn't) Anyway. After finally coming though on my promise :P

Loved it.

As much as i'm not a fan of OC's I can deal with children. as its future. OC's I dont like come from people adding characters that were 'apparently' there in the past. Anyway. The children were adorable.

However being the biggest hypocrite on earth. I feel some of it (note: some) felt a bit rushed. (Hypocrisy rains down) There were a few moments I wanted future Snotlout or other older teens to have a little 'talking to' to their counterparts. As you captured slight moments near the beginning when they wern't separated. That being said i'm glad you didn't swamp the plot with fluff or whatever or else why not just make a one-shot series XD. It was all in all a great story and the humour did not feel as if you broke a sweat and it felt natural and added nicely. Anyway. Should probably get work done.

Cya :D
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