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for The Dangers of Foresight

6/9 c30 3Spica75
We-ell... That was one mighty cliffhanger indeed.
Colour me impressed.
6/9 c10 Spica75
As an aside, "Lars" is a common personal name in Scandinavia, while i do not think i have ever seen it as a family name outside of Star wars.
Actually i went and checked, there are 227288 people in Sweden with Lars as first name and 13 with it as last name, so it exists as both at least.

In fact, i found that it is the most common given name for males in Sweden.
6/8 c28 Guest
I really feel they should have extended the session, I mean after a bombshell like that and they still leave? It just doesn't feel right.
6/2 c1 Lonewolf1836
Wow I missed that small text on chapter 1
6/2 c5 Lonewolf1836
Ive read several chapters but it feels that its missing parts of the story events such as Jedi know anakin has some sith training how sinse when this story doesn't explain were that came from. Then we got palpatine know about Vader in the past well I'm kinda confused about your story not sure if I should continue reading or go look for the first part that feels that is missing.
5/15 c30 5FelineNinjaGrace
Hear me out...I don’t think it was “the truth” that opened Anakin’s eyes to the dark side. As he said in this chapter, the dark side warps and perverts truth. And so truth wouldn’t have that much power over him.

The truth is that it was love. True, pure, sacrificial love. Not Anakin’s love, but Luke’s love. Luke’s love was able to reach Vader where everything else had failed. And so we can see that the Jedi, while they had good intentions, were wrong about relationships. They feared attachment, but the truth is that love is the strongest force in the world. The Dark side of the force embraced Hate. And if the Light side had more fully embraced Love; they never would have been able to be destroyed. They would have been stronger than the hate. That was why Obi-wan was able to defeat the Sith knight; he loved his master Qui-Gon.

The love between a knight and their Padawan, the love between two Jedi friends, the love between the Jedi and the people that the served: it is the essence of what is light. But perhaps the Jedi did not understand as well as they should have. Personally, I think that’s where the Jedi were corrupt. They didn’t understand what makes the light light and the dark dark.
5/12 c14 FelineNinjaGrace
Yaddle or Yoda would definitely help him out of going to see Palpatine! If Anakin gave them hints that it would bring about very bad consequences in the future, well, Yaddle would worry that he was referring to his “memory visions” and would try to help :D
5/11 c12 FelineNinjaGrace
Perhaps the true way to enter the force is a mix of both the Jedi and the Sith meditation. Such as focusing on an emotional focal point such as love or gratitude. So, it would be different than the Jedi’s which say “Dont focus on any emotion” and it would be different from the Sith which says “Focus in your anger, hate, pain, and suffering”. Just a thought
5/11 c9 FelineNinjaGrace
Could it be possible that this IS how it happened the first time around? But, it’s Anikan that’s different? Perhaps Obi-wan is exactly the same as in the first timeline but now Vader is observing him as a 45 year old man rather than a 10 year old. So, logically, it’s not going to be as he remembers it because he was focused on different things the first time around. And now he’s focused on what’s really important? I would love to hear your thoughts on that.
5/11 c4 FelineNinjaGrace
I love this story! I haven’t read the first one yet, but I will. It’s so cool to think about if we could go back in time with the knowledge we have now. I was so invested in the story that I didn’t review until now, the 4th chapter. I’m so glad I came to this story very late. It warms my heart to see that I have 26 more chapters to go
4/11 c32 31Leraiv Snape
Another nicely done tale. I never thought I would take so well to your large number of therapy sessions, but it’s all seemed so natural, such a good way to show development for Anakin. Love Girth, and Master Xio. And I’m glad you’re using Siri as well - she’s not a character that gets a lot of play outside her relationship with Obi-Wan, and it’s nice to see that here. Most excellent! On to the next!
1/27 c15 SeaBass112
10 years without being flamed is impressive when you think about it the amount of trolls should not be underestimated
1/18 c27 SteadfastWhiplash
in the child of a body huh?
1/17 c16 Scarease
According to comics he did now Yoddle during year in clone and some time as temple he like quit lot her death during clone wars had hit rather hard .
1/17 c14 Scarease
To distant from Galaxy they are but to expose children to politician the galaxy worst lier ,manipulator ,evader ,con artist ,backstabbing ,selfish ,greedy ,arrogent and cheaters is not what I would to interact different cultures yes to understand their ideals ,beliefs ,habits and such would good .But sending children into vipers nest that politics especial higher level politics of the Senate were worse of them dwell not sound like way get to corrupted and farther chain Jedi to politics .
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