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for A Fight For Emotions

8/20/2015 c3 4Boyy2k
Nice. It's very well done. Hope you put up more soon.
10/21/2014 c3 Guest
Please continue
10/15/2014 c3 la canelle
Well it only made me want more so update please.
9/3/2014 c2 Meaghan Kalena
Timeline is clear to me now! Loving it!
8/31/2014 c1 Meaghan Kalena
I like this! You're wonderful at dialogue; all the character's voices, especially Starfire's, was spot-on. The ONLY thing that seemed a little off was Robin and Raven's internal voice/thoughts. I'm not sure where exactly the timeline for this story is, but it seems like it's before the whole Trigon thing and where Raven can freely feel (I'm going by the fact that she's blushing and smiling without consequences to her surroundings.) If that's true... Personally, like just a suggestion, I think it would be really funny to have Raven and Robin go on their "not date" and things keep randomly blowing up because Raven can't hide her feelings for him.
7/12/2014 c3 18DarkGirlRavenGrayson
Alright, major review time.

Your writing in and of itself is good - you're very consistent with everything. The only real advice I feel that needs to be given is that you overall plot and goal is unclear at this point - at least to me - because the focus shifted from what your summary said and the first chapter was (starfire being jealous, robin and raven going on a lot of dates) to suddenly this one date with a lot of detail given to it. is there a reason this specific scene is very important? what are we leading up to? if you have an idea and are merely working your way to it, i'm sorry for bringing it up and will calmly wait for an update to see. other than that, i believe this has potential. if you have any questions or want to talk about your story at all, feel free to message me anytime :)
7/12/2014 c2 DarkGirlRavenGrayson
This is an interesting date. Be mindful of the tense you are writing in and keep it consistent, when you wrote i believe it was "she hates surprises", it would sound better to be "she hated surprises". Otherwise, fun and descriptive.
7/12/2014 c1 DarkGirlRavenGrayson
Cute story so far, though i'm confused as to how Robin has nooo idea that Raven likes him even though they keep going out on these 'outings' he so eagerly asks her on all the time haha. Oblivious Boy Wonder is oblivious. A few things i noticed:

When Starfire and Raven were in her room before she began to get ready, Raven was already wearing her hood as mentioned, and then you said that she drew up her hood. Be mindful to small details like that one. A couple spelling/grammar errors i noticed as well, but nothing major that i can recall to point out. Other than that, good start. It's so weird how neither of them realize their feelings!
2/9/2014 c3 4LimitlessDarkness
This is a really interesting story, I loved the motorcycle ride it was super cute and really displayed their personalities well.
Another thing I loved was even though there was divided feelings about the Robin and Raven "dating" thing, everybody still did their best too cheer them on.
But you've gotta spill the secret… how did Robin get Raven to go out with him on the first "date"?
I'm really looking forward to see where your going to take it. :)
update soon!
2/7/2014 c3 10SwiftTheWritingMagician
UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! Woohoo! Can't wait for the next chapter
2/3/2014 c3 MRJsouth
I really like how this is a RobRea story. I've been trying to find a good one and my search is over.
2/3/2014 c3 5Ash-Caro-Lynn
Well, that was not meh. It was a great chapter! It's amusing to see that Robin called William Shakespeare, Billy Shakes. Update soon, really.
2/3/2014 c3 13Ophelia'song
Lol yeee you used Billy Shakes. Fun chapter hun and I have to say I love Iris, she's kind of a loveable shit show. The only real critique I have is I think you could spend a little more time on the detail and embellish more of the characters and their surroundings. Also take your time with your updates, don't need to rush. You can't force your creativity, just take as much time as you need. Trust me I rushed The Art of Suicide and honestly I'm still fixing it because I didn't take as much time to proof read it. But great job look forward to the next chapter when it's ready ;)
2/3/2014 c3 2EraganShan
I thought it had a good mix of humor and bonding between Raven and Robin. I shall wear the title of Titanic with pride!
1/29/2014 c2 EraganShan
Oh my god, I think I was laughing the entire time I read this. I have honestly never thought of a fan club and love the idea. Iris was awesome, one of the first times I've ever said that about an oc, she was just so freaking funny! For the line breaker, I write my stuff on Google drive and in the insert option under the title, you can pick line breaker and it just puts a normal line in. Keep it up!
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