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7/5 c9 deltagirl74
Jasper is so careful with Alice. I know he knows or can guess what happened to her but has he processed it? I keep expecting him to start to crack for the guilt he didn't protect Alice.
6/20 c8 xameliex22
i especially loved to see how the whole situation affects the rest of the family, poor emmett
6/20 c8 xameliex22
i’m so happy you updated!
6/3 c7 xameliex22
thanks for the update, loved the length of the chapter, i hope you‘ll continue it soon!
5/14 c6 xameliex22
i‘m happy about the short interlude but i can’t wait for a longer chapter!
5/8 c5 xameliex22
oh my poor babies, reading this made me so sad, but of course i still liked the chapter. i just hope everything will get better for them
5/2 c4 Lg1998
They got her out of there. But I don’t think Sri or Michael will let them go that easily. Please keep going!
4/30 c3 Lg1998
Alice is not to be trifled with; go Alice. I wonder if Michael also brain washed James, because James did tell Bella that he had killed Alice’s sire. Intriguing story! Please continue.
4/30 c3 xameliex22
oh, i wrote that before i saw that you updated, but i‘m looking forward to the next real chapter then tomorrow!
4/30 c2 xameliex22
i love this story, i hope you’ll update it soon!
4/16 c1 Lg1998
Please continue! I can only imagine how an empath can manipulate you. Hopefully Alice will remember jasper before things he too far. Please continue!
Ps: I hope Michael didn’t rape Alice in the throne room; I also wonder how she got him off of him.
7/1/2015 c8 4paigeandtiger
Please write more! I'm going to go crazy if I don't get to read more!
1/16/2014 c3 archiveofdreams
Interesting premise. A better summary would draw in more readers. The angst is perfect.
1/14/2014 c2 twilover
more more more

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