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13h c25 Guest
Good luck for the future.
9/29 c25 murtuzarizvi49
Sorry about what you are going through. I hope you get past this state of life smoothly and quickly so you can move on. We will always be here ready for another chapter when you feel like you can write again. Just take your time and go over your thoughts about your next plans in life. Maybe you will find something worth living got even more. Just stay positive and positive things will come to you.
9/29 c25 WilliamJ24
I am sorry to hear this. but I hope you keep them up, as, one they are great and the other they can be inspiration for others who want to write. good luck.
9/29 c25 Dauntes
I truly hope things get better for you. Thank you very much for the enjoyable stories you've shared over the years. Personally, I hope you leave them up to continually be read, but I understand if you decide to remove them. Take care!
9/29 c1 TheLastGarou
Sorry to hear that, brother.

Take care of your mother and yourself, we'll be here if you decide to pick it up again.
9/29 c25 Pestilenc3
sad to hear this, but im just glad you're physically okay at least
9/29 c25 KrisB-71854
Life is Life. I don't tend to know folks IRL stuff. I'll favorite it and wait for the updates. There are fics that I have that are stunningly updated once every 5 years or longer.

I've seen fics that I thought were utterly dead without updates for over a decade update.

I hate hearing about folks having IRL issues, whether moving, job-related, health, or death. We don't live in ST or the Culture. Money is a thing and any little life thing can cause so much to go out of whack.

I'll give a little prayer hoping that your life improves somewhat as its the only thing that I can do for you.

Writing fanfic should be a relaxing enjoyable hobby. If you don't have time, you don't have time for it. IRL can suck sometimes.
9/28 c1 bariczarnold
Thanks for everything, all the best! Plese don't delete your stories, they are a joy to reread and I'm sure a lot of people agree.
9/28 c25 4Edge of the Dark
I understand stepping back and taking time for yourself. I sincerely hope things get better for you and that you feel more fulfilled in your life. All I ask is that you don't take down your stories even if you chose to discontinue them. Doing so would take them away from all the people who still enjoy what you've given us.
9/28 c25 xmodaliyong12
please don't delete them,i still want to read them,and it's not just me,new comers and other readers too
9/28 c25 BIGGZ1344
While it sucks that I you'll be on hiatus don't say sorry for things that you HAVE to do in real life.
Your priorities now should be getting your own life stable and that includes taking care of your mum.

As for the stories, maybe just leave it here?
I sometimes still do read them from the beginning when I have time as you are a good writer, no doubt about it.

All in all, also wishing you the best and I pray all goes well with you.

9/28 c25 Vyntol
It's sad to hear that these past few years have been hard on you, and I'm sorry for your loss.

I just wanna say that of everything I've read on this site over the years, I'd say for certain that you've been my favorite author. I've read and re-read what you've made easily a dozen times, and it's always been enjoyable for me. It's my hope that you'll keep what you've made up, but I can't fault you if that's ultimately not what you decide.

Either way, thank you for the entertainment that you've provided over the years.

Wishing for the best to you and yours.

Take care.
9/28 c25 1Rex Resede90
Hey, I can totally understand health issues, though I do hope that you can start writing again one day. In that regard, if you do decide to take your stories off, I hope you can keep Naberius Heir, A Ripple in the Pattern, and your Sekirei story. And if you need to rewrite them, I'd say Naberius Heir needs the least in that regard, as Ichigo is far from being the strongest one there lol
9/28 c25 2XBOY40
Don't worry, do what you have to do. This site is nothing more than a mean to entertain. Take care on your end! Good luck!
9/28 c25 3GrimmPandaMan
Condolences Liam and take care. :)
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