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for If Only You Had Loved Me

5/6/2017 c11 10Hada
For the love of all that is holy, please continue this!
1/14/2015 c11 Isabella-Rose Snape
This is great work and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.
9/11/2014 c11 Claudinne S.M
Oh Gods! I can't wait to know where this goes! Nice job! I like it so much ! Please finish this story :)
8/21/2014 c11 nene27
I'm enjoying this story immensely and am very surprised that it has so few reviews. It certainly deserves many more.

I just love the feel and mood of this story; it's dark yet very seductive. You also write your characters beautifully. You've managed to give more depth to them without sacrificing their genuineness. Even Crookshanks previously unheard of voice matches his personality perfectly.

I can't wait to read more chapters, and secretly hope that this will transform into one of those epic fics with hundreds of chapters. I know this will be one of those fics I won't want to end and at the same time will be eager to find out how it all turns out.
4/29/2014 c11 LoveInTheBattleField
Great story, keep it coming. Happy Belated Easter!
4/20/2014 c10 Petite Mule
It's a really good story. I hope you'll write more soon. Thank you
3/24/2014 c10 Auroras Jenkins
Looking forward to seeing what will happen next.
3/12/2014 c10 bluefirefly5
I see Severus is more sceptical than Hermione.
3/2/2014 c9 1DreamsAreCrimson
Okay . . . this story just keeps getting creepier. While I'm not too keen on the whole Drarry ship, as long as it isn't a main part of the story, I shall continue on. ]
2/26/2014 c9 Guest
2/26/2014 c9 bluefirefly5
I wonder what Hermione is up to. And I hope Severus does something before it's too late.
2/26/2014 c9 notyetanotheralias
oh! draco is in love with harry?
2/21/2014 c8 believerofmajick
I am intrigued with where the plot is leading. Will Hermione survive and if she does, will she become evil? I anxiously await the next chapter.
2/19/2014 c8 2ManyAnimaux
More please!
2/15/2014 c8 1DreamsAreCrimson
What? You're ending on that note? Oh come on! This story is so good! I can't wait for more! ]
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