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3/30/2020 c1 Val
This might be one of the most beautiful things I've ever read! Thank you!
9/14/2017 c1 25Cabbit and the Weasel
its sounds like both of them are Ravenclaw?
2/26/2017 c1 misherukuro
10/14/2016 c1 Michiyo
Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for sharing your story!
6/27/2016 c1 1Coolestbee
Even though it's been a long time since you wrote this, i just have to say, "Extremely well done."
2/20/2016 c1 6justdaisy
That was adorable! And well written, good job I enjoyed it a lot :)
1/10/2016 c1 A Musing Brunette
I was skeptical how the characters would work in the HP universe, but I think you pulled it off very well. I loved it. I mean really... Wow, talk about a confession! That is such a sweet way to put it out there. By the end, not only had Kuon's heart skipped a beat, but mine did as well. Or should I say mine was ready to explode at the rate I felt mine accelerating. hahaha
11/12/2015 c1 ddfpstw
such a cute story!
10/1/2015 c1 mintlover360
So fluffy! I think my poor shipper heart had a bit of an overload. Haha thanks for sharing such sweet fluffiness!
7/9/2015 c1 Guest
I loved it! So cute!
7/3/2015 c1 663Lamia of the Dark
That was cute.
7/6/2014 c1 94oxybry
Oh how sweety! love it
7/5/2014 c1 8happyunderground
This was really good! I've been reading SB fanfiction for years. This makes me want to revisit my old HP days. Thank you for writing it!
4/26/2014 c1 105claraowl
Hogwarts... Skip Beat
Hermione wrote the book!
*brain fizz of happiness*
4/8/2014 c1 Leopold
Next time you should drop the fluff - it's unnecessary
But all in all it was a good read
You should write more like this
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