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11/11/2002 c4 Verena G
Woohoo! Remy will be here soon! Rogue deserves someone better than Bobby! I am glad that Logan is there for Rogue as a true father figure.

Can we have a little Ro/Lo in the next chapter? I can never get enough of them together!:)
11/11/2002 c4 14Ryoko Subaru
mwhahahaha, i missed that there was another chapter (STUPID ME!) hahaha Bobby is such an idiot, ooooh i wonder if Remy saw the whole thing ehh ;D that would be just wonderful then he could go all skitzo protective on Rogue hahahahaha on i love Remy Rogue relationships awe they are so cute hahahahaha, im such a reject hahahahaha im supposed to be getting ready but im bored hahahaha ok, that didnt really make any sense, i think i need to stay off the sugar (cough) ok ok, its not the sugar its...(I SCREAM YOU SCREAME WE ALL SCREAM FOR ICE CREAM!)
11/11/2002 c3 Ryoko Subaru
hmm, the beginning was very powerful with the 'never saw her again' this that was creepy, so when are they going to get kidnapped? i want action i was romance i want suspense den den nde (hahahha only joking, i was singing a song from the movies) WHERES REMY AND ROGUE? oooh i cant wait until there in this fic den den dennnnn ok, i got netball (oh joy) hahahahaha buy me a cracker! ask your mother for sixth pence to see the tall giraffe with pimples on its neck and pimples on its ASK your mother for sixth pence mwhahahahahahah hahahahaha ok, im going CRAZY

11/10/2002 c3 Jean1
Love Ro/Lo. I also like how you are letting Logan's protective instinct be right in Bobby and Rogue's case it seems. It will only make it worse for any relationship Rogue as his surrogate daughter will have in the future since Logan will assume he's always right even if he's not.
11/9/2002 c3 Lady Hawke
Hey, that was cute, keep writing!
11/8/2002 c3 79Darlin
Your story is so serene I can imagine myself being right there with Ororo and Logan in total peace. It's very sweet and quite lovely.
11/4/2002 c3 9Rhapsody81
with the Italics and bolds, i usually write my stories as a word document and them save it as a web page.

as far the rest of the story, i am still liking the chemisrty between ro/lo! it is very sensual without being sexual. i can't wait till things progress. hope you come out with another chap soo!

11/4/2002 c3 Fionarox
11/4/2002 c3 41Angel Gidget
What color are Logan and Ororo's eyes? That depends. Do you want to know the eyecolor of the actors who played them, or they character's true eyecolor? I don't know about Hugh Jackman, but Hale Berry's eyes are brown. Logan and Ororo's eyes are both blue.

On another note, When does the Rogue/Remy shipper stuff pop up? ^-^ Adieu!
11/3/2002 c3 Verena G
The slow and peaceful development of Logan and Ororo┬┤s relationship in your story is just lovely and beautiful. Please, update really soon!

11/3/2002 c3 8Jubes2681
Fantastic story! I can't wait for more. Please post again soon! I just love Ro/Lo stories! :) Oh and in the comics, both Ororo's and Logan's eyes are blue...

I just use the Italic and Bold keys in Microsoft Word when I type stories and the formats seem to transfer over on their own. It might depend on your word processor...


11/2/2002 c3 19lilWolvie
good, continue soon! :-D and i think in the movie, Logan's eyes are hazel and 'Ro's are brown.

11/2/2002 c3 Artemisn
Beautiful. Simply beautiful. I love how Logan and Ororo are so at peace with each other.
11/1/2002 c2 lilWolvie
good good! continue soon!

10/28/2002 c2 samson
enjoyed the first two chapters, well written and interesting start on the mutant kidnappings! looking forward to lots more, especially gambit, as he has always been my fave! logan coming a close second!
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