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10/26/2002 c2 41Angel Gidget
Ok...intro:check, Rolo:check, Remy/Rogue... Wait, hold up! Where's the Remy/Rogue? Please update soon so we can get to the Remy/Rogue; pwetty pwease? Thank you.
10/14/2002 c2 meg
it's good i can't wait to see what happens
10/11/2002 c2 Guest
I really liked your story and I hope you continue it.
10/9/2002 c2 2Blades1987
Wow. This chapter is great. It's very unique and romantic. I can't wait until the next part!
10/9/2002 c2 rhapsodynsi
that was a very touching scene with Logan wanting to hear ororo's stories in her native language. that was a great scene in fact.
10/9/2002 c2 Verena G
I think you are doing a great job! I like the stories under the starlit sky...and in her own language, too. Very inspired! Continue, please! Ro/Lo rules!
10/9/2002 c2 N.L. Johnson
More RoLo! I love it.
10/8/2002 c2 Toto3
Alright. This is a good introduction. It is setting the story line up well with our great two that brew the best sparkle. I like the outdoor night stories, and in her own language. That's a new one. I think you have something here. An adventure is brewing on the horizon. Lengthen out those chapters, girl! I think your doing great.

10/7/2002 c1 RoxyAngel


10/7/2002 c1 Jean1
Not a lot to go on but it's at least a different start. I've always had a soft spot for Ororo/Logan so I'm interested to see where this goes and having Rogue get over her crush which I've generally seen to be poorly done in movie fic being that most of the time she doesn't grow up. Continue.
10/6/2002 c1 Guest
Okay, you have laid out a fairly good intro. I guess not too long. But it's a good start. the next chapter will get to the meat & potatoes. make it a long one, no one will complain. I'll let you know then how your portrayal is.

Best wishes.
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