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1/23/2011 c1 KolBrden
Hey! I tend to make it a happy habit to review/comment on a story in it's first chapter when it's good and has potential to be... Well, more!

:) I must say, I really loved it! Short, simple, straight forward, but without giving too much or too little to take in. :)) these stories are the ones that make me smile.

I can tell that I'll have fun reading and following this. So excited. :D

Keep it up! Thank you!
5/25/2010 c15 destination moon
im reaaally liking the story.
11/21/2009 c15 5Snow leopard freak


8/3/2008 c15 40bluedragon1836
i'm hooked. do you watch Stargate Sg-1?
8/15/2007 c4 THeELEMNTJules
Great chapter. but why is bobby so mean?
10/26/2006 c15 WillowFae
update soon! :)
8/3/2006 c5 7Lady MR1
The General Hammond in my story is in no way related to the General Hammond found in Stargate SG-1. My apologies for any confusion.

This is not an X-Men/Stargate SG-1 cross over.

8/3/2006 c5 7AlbinoMonkeyC
Do you have a problem with Stagate SG1? Do you? 'Cause General Hammond is WAY OOC! Yea, do you have a problem?
8/3/2006 c2 AlbinoMonkeyC
I would have liked it if it wern't for the fact that you were dissing Stargate SG1!
8/3/2006 c1 AlbinoMonkeyC
WTF R you doing to SG1?
7/5/2006 c15 rabid-squirell-3
very good pls continue!
6/22/2006 c9 kate
i love that story. review!
6/12/2006 c15 123kira66
10/7/2005 c15 lacroix
I just found your story. I really like it! Just noticed the last update has been quite a while ago... damn. I guess this story is no longer in progress, huh? I'm dying to know what you had in story for Ro, Logan, Remy, Marie and the rest of the X bunch. So... if you just happen to have some time and inspiration on your hands, please continue!

- Steph :)
7/21/2005 c15 2Flashtabulor
i really like your story and i hope that you up-date soon.
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