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5/15/2005 c15 Aimed mischief
I really love this story1 I can't wait for more, so keep updating! Great work!
11/12/2004 c15 6HazelEyed Freak
Wow, this story is really good. Please update asap, or I will be force to rule the world in a cruel tyrannic way.

HazelEyed Freak
2/22/2004 c15 70Wolf Maid
THIS IS SO GOOD! I love this fic! You are an awesome writer, and this is such a great premise for the story! Excellent job!
2/9/2004 c15 11TheWolf
o thats cool i cant wait to read more!
1/24/2004 c15 Lady Hawke
A cliffhanger? OH THE INHUMANITY! hee hee =) Anyways, this is an awesome story and I can't wait for you to continue! You are a fantastic author and I look forward to reading more of your work.
Lady Hawke
1/1/2004 c7 weather-watcher-Strom
I enjoyed it even though I am still reading it
12/28/2003 c15 65Planet Mads
I am so glad that you updated! Though you sure took your time, but that dosn't matter as you're going to be posting some more RoLo next chpater. *HintHint*
12/23/2003 c15 BerserkerRageX-Girl
I can't believe I missed the last update! ::looks shocked:: So sad, the X-Men (well most of them) think Logan and 'Ro are dead! No! ::pouts:: You've got to post the next chapter soon!
12/23/2003 c15 4Rogue
Looks like Rogue's about to find out Wolverine and Storm are alive the hard way. And maybe find something (someone) else too. ;)
12/22/2003 c15 159Sakura123
Okay...the story is good... this chapter was a capital:
Major. Update soon... I guess.
11/30/2003 c6 39Troodon
YOU KNOW HOW TO DO ITALICS? Er...can you tell me how? Heeheehee! PLEASE?
10/19/2003 c3 1Voli
Young and fragile tree? Like Ro/Lo relationship right now?
9/17/2003 c14 sax45

My name is Jesse. I read your story and can't wait for the update. I love the romance between Wolverine and Storm. A relatively new idea for me. This story has really got me addicted. It has an exciting and creative flare that pulls me in to read more. Your story was very enjoyable to read. I hope you keep on writing. You have alot of skill. You are now on my favorites list. Your story too.

A New Fan.

P.S. For any replies, my e-mail address is:
8/26/2003 c14 Redhead2
Please don't leave me here. I want to know what else happens. This has the potential to be a nice size story. You have done a great job so far.
8/26/2003 c14 8lyner
hehe great! i really really love your fics... especially the first few chapters with the sweet touch you gave to their relationship :) very nice to read! hope you'll be up with the new chapter soon! (ps, don't kill Ororo!)
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