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8/14/2003 c14 9Invisible Rose
no no no you can not end like that noo you cant it is morily wrong to end with that big of a cliffhanger you need to updat as soon as posible

thank you bye update
8/14/2003 c3 Invisible Rose
if the metaphor was the line (she looked like an angle) then it is not a metaphor because you used the word like. when you use the words like its a simile. and i had to do a big poetry thing last year and learded all that. and i'm not trying to be smart. the story is very good and very interesting bye
8/7/2003 c14 GreyAB
Just read the whole lot so far, love this story. There have been some very funny (bobby and the purple dinosuar spring to mind).

I like the idea of wolvie and storm getting together, so I hope things dont get too out of control for them.

Looking forward to the rest of the story
7/20/2003 c14 Lady Hawke
YAY! I am so glad u updated! I love the was this story is going and the way you tell it proves to me you are a wonderful author. Kepp going-I can't wait to see how it ends!
7/11/2003 c14 14Isis Aurora Tomoe
I swear I just read the word Remy. I love Remy! Sorry, I'm done. Good chapter, sad, I feel so bad for Rogue, poor thing. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep up the reviews!
7/8/2003 c14 65Planet Mads
Ho . . . How? How in the name of mother nature can you leave us there?
7/7/2003 c14 blackpanther
cool story!ilove it. please keep on writing. and update sooner
7/7/2003 c14 Pequenino
Update soon please.
7/7/2003 c14 lordanhur
great keep it comming
7/6/2003 c14 keegan miller
i like this story a lot! :)
7/6/2003 c14 Meghan O'Connor
Just FYI...

You can have metal in a cat scan, although it is not recommended. CAT stands for Computer Aided Topography.. It is basically a very extensive and sophisticated ultrasound. It's an MRI where you cannot have metal, as MRI is MAGNETIC Resonance imaging. You have to complete a questionnaire before undergoing an MRI, revealing whether or not you have any metal pins or plates in your body, or if you have ever worked in a machine shop, or if you have ever had metal shavings enter your body that were not completely removed. Just thought this would help.
6/17/2003 c13 venus
great! Can't wait for the rest of the story!
5/31/2003 c13 psychotic chaos
I love this story. Keep going. Logan/Ro is one of my favorite X-men: movie shippers. But ever since X2 i've also grown fond of Kurt/Ro. I still love this story - don't change a thing. You're doing great - keep up the good work. ;)
5/28/2003 c13 AvyOwl
This is really good! Please keep updating!
5/27/2003 c13 14Isis Aurora Tomoe
Oh, so cool! I am seriously lovin' you right about now, and I am really waiting for that next chapter to come out.
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