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4/1/2003 c13 Verena G
WOW, action, excitement, suspense...this chapter had all the things that I like!:) You have got a great story line here. Please keep going.
3/31/2003 c1 Smooth Criminal 80s style
Well, it seems as though I have been graced with the opportunity of being the 100th reviewer! I just wanted to tell you that I have really enjoyed your story and I (as well as many, I am sure) would love more that anything else if you would continue this story! You seem to have a highly convincing story line here, please don't just quit and kill the story! (Oh, if you are wondering about my name, in the year 1987 Michael Jackson sang the original Smooth Criminal and I love the song.=)) Anyway, fantastic job!

~Smooth Criminal 80s style
3/27/2003 c12 lordanhur
WOW that was great i cant wait for more
3/19/2003 c12 roswell07us
Sorry about the name. I'm not logged in. Your story is very interesting and entertaining. Please write more. And if you can please let me know when it is up.
2/28/2003 c1 Abrodd
Oh how good!

Now please, I want to know what happens! Please continue to write!
2/15/2003 c12 Verena G
Now, now donĀ“t tease! We all wanna know what happened to Logan and Ororo!;) Hm, I wonder if Jean is over Logan.
2/13/2003 c12 Lady Hawke
WOW! I love this story! Please continue it, I really like the way it is going! You are a great author, don't give up now!
2/13/2003 c12 10ishandahalf
hah, bobby got told! old school! go rogue. i hope remy comes in soon, so bobby can get really pissed off. hint hint! ;-)
2/13/2003 c12 BerserkerRageX-Girl lazy n not log in
That was cruel! I wanna know what happened to Logan and 'Ro! ahhhh! Bobby's such a little asscrack. I'm glad Rogue hit him. Jean's marrying Scott, yich!, I'll live. But update soon please.

2/13/2003 c12 Wolviesfan
You evil, evil creature. First you leave us high and dry with a cliffhanger and then you don't even hint at where Logan and Ororo are... OOHHHHHHHH! YOU! btw, love the fic. you'd better bring out more soon.
2/12/2003 c11 23BerserkerRageX-Girl
Whoa, this is a good story. I'm not really into Logan/Ororo fics, I'm more of a Jean/Logan shipper. But this is actually a good one so I don't mind. Please update soon.

2/12/2003 c11 2JADEOBLUE
You took Logan to a vegetarian restaurant! Hahahaha The park scene was cute until the end. Yes, you are evil. Cliffhangers are always evil. Well, to the readers anyways. More now please.
2/6/2003 c11 Cindy
Excellent so far, looking forward to reading more
1/25/2003 c11 evilbon32
Yes, you are truly evil and I am so proud. The date was nice...forgetting his wallet, a classic...these two can never get a break. Perhaps that is for the best as long as you make Jean suffer I will be forever grateful. That woman needs her 'clock' cleaned. Meaning just level the bitch already...looking forward to more evil and nastiness in the future.
1/23/2003 c11 rhapsody81
evil? yes, very!-
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