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1/23/2003 c11 Lady Hawke
Hey, this story keeps getting better and better! Please continue writing! Oh, yeah, thank you for thanking me! (that was about the weirdest thing I have ever said, oh well). Anyways, keep going, I really like this story!
1/22/2003 c11 TheWolf
duuuude that was great, i cant wait for more and man they get hurt, anyways i luv it cant wait to read more
1/22/2003 c11 Deidre
Yes, you are evil. How could you leave it there? At least tell me that the next part will be up soon, you can't leave me hanging for long. Please? :D
1/21/2003 c11 3ModestoChica
A really good chap. Hope to see more out soon. Just plain EVIL to leave us hanging there LOL. Great job.
1/21/2003 c11 29Lady Jayde Une
YAY! Classic! I love the bit on the swing "Harder! Faster Logan!"

Logan wouldn't be the only one with his mind in the gutter!

I love this chapter. And what's gonna happen now that they're kidnapped?

Please update soon!



1/21/2003 c11 Verena G
Logan at a vegetarian restaurant? HILARIOUS! That was certainly an unusual date! I had tears in my eyes from laughing!

But the cliff hanger at the end was of course evil!;)
1/19/2003 c10 Deidre
Yeah! I love RoLo, :D but god is Jean being a #*$ But that's OK, as long as Logan and Ororo end up together dispite what Jean does. I can't wait for the next part!^_^
1/1/2003 c10 3AJ10
Wolverine is very creative about his revenge! First Barney, now this! I hope poor Bobby's learned his lesson. You're able to express so much with a minimum of words.
12/30/2002 c10 Lady Hawke
Hey, I love this story! You did a wonderful job capturing Jean's jealousy of Ororo. Please continue, you are a fantastic writer!
12/29/2002 c10 mercurian orchid
Can't wait for the next chapter. This fic is shaping up beautifully. And I really really want to see what happens with Jean and Ro.
12/28/2002 c10 Guest
It's Mystique and not Mystic.
12/28/2002 c10 29Lady Jayde Une
Hey! Nice chapter!

I love Jean being jelous, I can't get over the thought, hehehehe.

Can't wait for Ororo and Logan's date :)



12/28/2002 c10 ishandahalf
ooooh, that danger room session was just EVIL. ha ha, stupid bobby garbageface... good stuff, good stuff indeed. anyway, keep it coming! ;-)
12/28/2002 c10 Verena G
Ooooooo! That was certainly a bitter pill that Jean had to swallow! I loved it! Never liked Jean, she annoys me..
12/28/2002 c10 Wolviesfan
You big tease. Get the date already will ya. btw I gotta know exactly what each one's reaction at seeing each other dressed up was. *pleading puppy dog eyes*
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