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12/27/2002 c10 kenzimone
Poor Bobby.. Logan just keeps on torturing him! Okay, so he deserves it.. lol. And Jane is ticking me off.. Never did like her..
12/27/2002 c9 69kenzimone
Wow, never know why I haven't noticed this fic before! Absolutely brilliant! ^^ Can't wait for you next update!
12/26/2002 c1 Nya
I like the story it's a bit of a rip off that I can't have all of it NOW! but thats life. I'd like to know the rest, like were Ororo and Rouhg come in!
12/26/2002 c9 ishandahalf
mmmm, oatmeal... anyway, i feel kinda bad for marie, but not TOO bad, cuz i hate when her and wolvie are paired up, except when its in a platonic way. so really, you better get remy in the picture soon, so she can drool over him instead! and of course, more bobby torture! but that should go without saying, heh heh heh. so, good stuff, and keep it coming! ;-)
12/25/2002 c9 TheWolf
heheh i like this so much
12/25/2002 c9 29Lady Jayde Une
Hahaha, I can imagine oatmeal been addictive if Ororo made it! :D

I'm glad you've updated so quickly! I'll be waiting for your next chapter.



12/25/2002 c9 Wolviesfan
They're going out on a date. YAY! You gotta update soon now. I'm a RoLo fan all the way. And although i personally *HATE* it when Logan and Marie are paired up as a couple, i do like it when they're portrayed as having a father/daughter or older brother/younger sister type of relationship so i hope that occurs later on (once Remy's on the scene). And the Barney bit was priceless. Now if you can bring Angel into this fic and torture him with Barney as well, this fic will be perfect. (in case you haven't already guessed, i absolutely *HATE* Warren.
12/25/2002 c9 Rhapsody81 nsi
"sorry kid but this stuff is addictive"

sorry, i don't know how i missed all the new chapters to this story! This is Funny as hell and i love every minute of it.

Happy holiday's and all that jazz!

12/25/2002 c9 Verena G
HEHE! It looks like Ro really knows how to handle the Wolverine!:) Oh, Jean will turn green when she finds out about the date! CanĀ“t wait to "see" that...
12/25/2002 c9 an9elgyrl
Like ur story a lot. keep the good work up!
12/24/2002 c9 evilbon32
Ohhhhhhh...Jean is so going to be right ticky when she finds out about "the date". I am getting the giggles when she gets wind of this event. Poor Marie, well, normally I root for her but I think Ro deserves some attention from our beloved Wolverdude. Hard to picture Wolverine chowing down on oatmeal, but then again artist license rules. Keep writing.
12/24/2002 c8 TheWolf
this is soooo gooood write more pronto man, jk but wrtie more soon ^_^
12/24/2002 c8 2JADEOBLUE
Barney! Oh that's just cruel. I love it! Does this mean Bobby is gonna be tortured threw out this fic? I really hope so. He's a jerk, in this fic that is. I like Bobby in the comics but I treat every fic like they're in their own world. If writers want to change the charters a bit that's OK, it's their right. The kitchen scene was cute and I liked how you showed Jean being jealous. Lets have more.
12/23/2002 c8 29Lady Jayde Une
YES! ::Points @ monitor:: That's what I'm talkin' about! "Hear ye, Hear ye: JEAN IS INSAINLY JELOUS OF STORM!

YAY! This is a cool chapter.

I look forward to the more frequent updates.




P.S ::Walks off muttering:: Total utter genius! Stormy getting all the attention.
12/23/2002 c8 evilbon32
Great Danger room session with Bobby. Logan is in fine form and as I continued reading you managed to put a smile on my face. Jean feeling ignored. Oh joy. For her to suffer is one of my favourite things to read. I even re-read that part of the chapter. Looking forward to much more and I hope that includes Jean being very miserable and unhappy. Of course, I only mean that in the best possible way, it is Christmas time and all. [evil grin from me]

Not saying you could not make my holiday better by maybe making her suffer even more. You are the author and anything you write will be more than wonderful. Keep up the great effort. I enjoy reading this story alot.
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