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for Assignment: Enterprise

5/11/2016 c3 Guest
Not "Magivers". McGivers.
5/11/2016 c1 Guest
Khan, not Kahn.

Cold War is a proper noun, so it is capitalized thusly.
9/9/2014 c5 Val
An entertaining story :-)
4/7/2014 c1 1stormguard
Its not your best Susan but still ok. However the book star trek 2 wraith of khan dose explain how khan knew checov.
4/6/2014 c5 5LADYMALLARD
This is a terrific ending to an exciting and well written story. It's very logical in how Khan could have recognized Chekov later on, because he isn't the one who discovers the bomb and also gives a great explanation for the injury Scotty would have going into the "Wolf in the Fold" story, explaining the mistrust of women the lawyer talks about as his case against Scotty, in the murder case during the story...Brilliant work and a wonderful read. Can't wait till the next story comes along...till next time.
3/22/2014 c4 LADYMALLARD
Wow...what an amazing ending to this terrific story involving Chekov nearly getting caught by Khan while preventing the madman from taking over the Enterprise. I loved the interaction between Isis and Kevin Riley and got quite a kick out of the code words about Roberta's birth mark that Isis related to him to gain entrance into his quarters to treat Yoman Mears...this was an exciting story, I can't wait to read your next adventure, well done...till next time.
3/22/2014 c3 LADYMALLARD
What an exciting chapter I loved it, great work and making Tracy part of the rescue party was terrific even though she did get caught by one of khan's men...I am glad that Riley and Chekov were there to rescue her and are starting their plan to rescue the crew foiling Khan's plan...on to the next chapter.
3/16/2014 c4 Elionu
I quite liked this.
3/11/2014 c3 405the stargate time traveller
3/9/2014 c3 15Susan Hilton
I'm just seeing if this still works. I think this is a good story. Don't you?
3/2/2014 c3 28Foxcat93
Hi Jeri! Read the first three chapters of this story. Very good start. Laid out logically and the characters are well defined. This promises to be an interesting tale. I can't wait until the part where Khan comes in and how that situation will be dealt with. Good story!
2/24/2014 c2 pasha.2245
please please please write more ,don't keep us Chekov fans hanging ,so many Chekov stories are left unfinished don't leave this one the same
2/16/2014 c2 5LADYMALLARD
This chapter was very well written, being a female I have such a sympathy for Tracy Mears and I agree that women of that century weren't really given chances to advance as much as they should have been, ( you'd think by then it would have been different) like Janice and Uhura smart ladies who both should have been given more important things to do in their own chosen fields, she could have contributed a lot given that chance. And the idea of foresight on the part of Pavel and Kevin when it came to Khan, is very plausible when it came to how things were done to prevent the disaster of Khan taking the ship for his own and the covert way Chekov and Riiley would make sure things proceeded to that outcome without changing history was very cleverly done. Great work on this chapter, I can't wait for the next one to along to find what will happen...till next time.
1/20/2014 c1 Valerie
This story has started off well and I look forward to the rest of it. Nice to see Chekov is going to work with another favorite character of mine, Kevin Riley :-)
1/19/2014 c1 6WhoStarLocked
Please update soon this is brilliant!
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